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Is Gov Rick Perry just another politician taking credit that doesn't belong to him?The former governor of Texas, republican Rick Perry, has made a lot of claims that he feels could help him win the Republican 2016 presidential nomination. He feels that many of these claims will win the hearts and votes of republican voters, many of who are concerned with the status of immigration in our country. On immigration, Gov Perry doesn’t believe the 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported. He believes that any immigration reform must wait until the border is secure. He is also against President Obama’s Deferred Action. That is where he stands on policy. However, take for example, his claim that by sending Texas law enforcement officers to the border between Mexico and Texas in “Operation Strong Safety,” there was a 74% drop in arrests on the border. There was a drop in apprehension the question becomes was it just Gov Perry’s efforts alone? Here are other things that occurred contemporaneously

  1. In an effort to repair relations between the U.S. and Mexico, Mexican law enforcement and military has drastically increased their end of border security. That has resulted in less people making it across the border to be arrested on the American side;
  2. Mexico created ad campaigns and legislative changes to further reduce illegal immigration;
  3. Texas National Guard didn’t have the authority to arrest anyone;
  4. “Operation Strong Safety,” started on June 23, 2014, by the time the National Guard appeared the number of immigrants had already started to drop; and
  5. The Federal Government also increased the number of border agents;

There were many factors that lead to the reduction of arrests on the U.S. side of the border. However, most attribute that reduction to Mexico’s actions rather than actions by the U.S., and even less so Gov. Perry’s actions. While former governor Perry’s efforts no doubt contributed to the decrease in border apprehensions, he is taking far too much credit. Gov Perry can make the same point; he took action when needed, and still give credit where it is deserved. That is leadership that we sorely need today.

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