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Should we close off the Mexican Border?Sealing Mexican Border

With President Obama’s time as president coming to a close, many people are beginning to think about his legacy by looking at trends during his presidency. These trends examine everything from crime rate and unemployment to immigration and military enlistment. One of the trends that republicans use to criticize President Obama is illegal immigration to the U.S. They tend to ignore that while illegal immigration is still occurring, the volume was much higher during President Bush. One of the worst groups using misinformation is the inappropriately named Center for Immigration Studies. This organization, which boast the slogan low immigration, pro-immigrant, promotes a platform calling for restrictive immigration policies, and the end of illegal immigration.The Center for Immigration Studies calls for strengthening of the border fence. They claim that this will make it harder for illegal immigrants to come to the US. But there are obvious flaws, here are two:

  1. A fence can be cut, and unless we want to recreate the Berlin wall, we will never be able to truly close the border.
  2. Just because people cannot walk across the border does not mean they will not find other ways across. Such as smuggling (a lot of commerce crosses the border daily) and tunnels (drug traffickers use them now) that go under the fence.

In the long run, we can’t entirely close the Southern Border. That is why immigration officials talk about operational control of the southern border. We need to stop illegal immigration while still allowing commerce to occur. We have made tremendous strides in the past decade to improve our control of the southern border, but groups like the Center for Immigration Studies, prefer to ignore facts. There are two general categories of illegal immigrants (1) Criminal reasons; and (2) those can come to work be reunited with families already here. For the past decade, we have made zero effort to improve legal immigration. If there were a way for legal immigration to the U.S. that accounts for today’s needs (not the needs of 20 or 30 years ago) we would eliminate the second category. That means the volume of illegal immigration would automatically go down. Isn’t that a better use of resources? There comes a point where we will get diminishing returns by creating a militarized border.

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