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Immigration Questions and Answers Live on Andres Mejer’s Weekly Radio Show

Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, discusses common immigration problems, answers questions and provides commentary on current immigration news. The show is simulcast on Facebook Live. Because these immigration questions are probably similar to those you may have, we have provided the full transcript and videos below.  If you still have questions, please contact us.

What is Cancellation of Removal?

Cancellation of Removal - a Case Study Andres Mejer, immigration attorney, had a client who was subject to removal. The client had gone to an attorney prior to coming to this law office. This client had no hardship - which is a very important part of the requirements to prove. Andres explains how he was able to prove a hardship for this client. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: So let's talk about George now. George last week had a trial on cancellation of removal. Now like many of our clients. They [...]

Getting Legal After Deportation Order

If I Had an Order of Deportation, Can I Get a Legal Status? Andres Mejer, immigration attorney, answers a question from a previous live. The question was: If I have an order of deportation, and I'm married to a US Citizen, can I achieve a legal status? The answer is YES, you can. However, there are conditions you must meet. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: Now in the prior program we had a couple of questions. One of them was if I have an order of deportation already but I'm married [...]

How to Deal with ICE Officers

What To Do If ICE Officers Approach You Andres Mejer, immigration attorney, explains what your rights are if you are approached by an ICE agent. If you are worried about this, request a "red card" from our office. The card fits easily in your wallet and tells you what your rights are. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: Now because of the changes to expedited removal. There is a potential of contact with Customs Border Patrol with ice with DHS agents HHS. Agents anywhere in the country. What do you do? So [...]

What is Voluntary Deportation?

How Can Voluntary Deportation Help You? Voluntary departure is also known as “voluntary return” or “voluntary deportation.” Andres Mejer, immigration attorney, explains what voluntary departure is, who pays for you to leave the US when you can ask for it, and WHY it may be beneficial to do so. There are certain requirements you must meet to qualify for voluntary departure. Andres reviews what these are. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: Voluntary Departure. What is it so voluntary departure is also commonly called voluntary return or voluntary deportation. It allows a [...]

Your Emergency Deportation Plan

Emergency Deportation Plan Andres explains what your "emergency plan" should be. Andres gives tips on the documentation you should gather together. He also explains if you should keep these documents with you and who should have copies. He talks about what a "good" letter of support is and what proofs of relief are useful. He also discusses why it is important to have a "power of attorney" in place regarding your children and how you can do that. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: So let's talk about an emergency plan. Proof [...]

New Expedited Removal Policy Changes

Expedited Removal Policy Changes as of September 1, 2019 Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, talks about what expedited removal is and who it applies to. He explains that President Trump has put expanded application of expedited removal into effect as of September 1, 2019 in the United States. Before, only those within a certain distance of borders and for a short time period, were subject to expedited removal. Now, the Trump administration wants it to be applied to anyone anywhere in the United States and to people who entered the US in the past two years. [...]

Trump Administration Ends Protections for Migrant Medical Care

Trump Administration Ends Protections for Migrant Medical Care The Trump Administration ended deferred action for immigrants receiving medical care without notice or an opportunity to comment. Those here in the US under this received a letter stating they had 33 days to leave the US. This program is very similar to DACA. This applies to new applicants as well as those renewing their deferred action. This new policy will also cancel their employment authorization. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: Trump Administration ends protection for migrant medical care. August 7, 2019. Trump [...]

DWI Impact on Employment Authorization

Drunk Driving and Employment Authorization Can I Lose My Employment Authorization Because of a DWI? Description: A viewer asked immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, about the impact that two DWIs might have on their work authorization "EAD." Andres explained that it can DEFINITELY have an impact. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer: Hines Thony has posted a comment and said listen I have work authorization and in six months I had two DUI's. Can I use my work authorization. Hell yeah! DUI's are serious business for immigration. Look over 50, the majority of [...]

Harvard Student Denied Entry to U.S. Due to Social Media

Student Denied Entry to U.S. Due to Social Media Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, talks about Ismail B. Ajjawi's immigration situation. Ismail was born in Lebanon and of Palestinian descent. Ismail was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard. When Ismail entered the United States, Custom's and Border Patrol agents questioned him forgive hours and reviewed his phone and computer before deporting him back to his country. Transcript (Transcripción): Andres Mejer:  Ismael Ajarwi, sorry.  Andres Mejer: Harvard freshmen inadmissible because of France social media post. So each man born in Lebanon, Palestinian [...]