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Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, discusses common immigration problems, answers questions and provides commentary on current immigration news. The show is simulcast on Facebook Live. Because these immigration questions are probably similar to those you may have, we have provided the full transcript and videos below.  If you still have questions, please contact us.

What to Expect at the Asylum Credible Fear Interview

Immigration Asylum and the Credible Fear Interview Andres Mejer: I'm Andres Mejer, thank you for listening in to the English segment of our radio show Para Ser Legal. We're going to talk about now is what, what's the first thing that happens when you claim asylum? It's called a credible fear interview. So non-citizens who are attempting to enter the United States either with documentation, like a Visa or a green card holder or by using fake documents will be deported.  Andres Mejer: Unless they say they're afraid to go to the home country. There is [...]

Immigration Asylum News

This Week's Immigration Asylum News and Information Andres Mejer: Good morning to the English version of our radio program Para Ser Legal to be legal. So we start off the segment each time with important news that has happened in the last week. Today we're going to talk about a Mexican woman that was initially refused entry in the United States to apply for asylum until a senator got involved and was then given the opportunity to actually request asylum. Second, we're going to talk about Trump's agreement with Guatemala for a third country agreement. And [...]

Examples of What happens if you do not update your address with the USCIS

Maria has a sister who is a U.S. citizen Maria. And this they were both born in Italy but the sister came in and married a U.S. citizen who filed for her. You know they have three kids now Maria's sister is a U.S. citizen. Maria's sister wants to file for Maria now. Here's what happened. Maria entered legally but overstayed her visa. They filed before 2001. Actually in 2000. So she's 245-I eligible. The fact that she overstayed her visa would mean she would still be allowed to enter and change her status legally in [...]

What Does It Mean When Your Application is transferred to a New USCIS Office?

The USCIS is overwhelmed that the backlogs are massive. There are more people applying than they're accustomed to seeing for a variety of reasons. Mostly it's fear. Some people that were green card holders for years and said You know what. I'm not waiting anymore with this president I'm going to file and become a U.S. citizen say they can't take it away from me. Even people that never wanted to be U.S. citizens realized Oh I really could lose this. You never know what might happen. So they're filing for citizenship even though historically they [...]

Update Your Address with the USCIS if You Move

Today important topic what happens if I don't update my address with USCIS when I have a pending petition. Why is USCIS changing the address of my interview or where I need to send additional pop documentation. Does that mean that I my petition is going to be denied. Does that mean that it's going to be delayed. Why is this happening and I'm going to give examples of both Maria and Jorge to people that we represented although we changed our names. What happened to them when they didn't inform immigration of their most current [...]

Como muchos indocumentados entran los EEU?

En este episodio: Como muchos indocumentados entran los EEU? Come entender su entrada al país? Y porque ningún inmigrante debe ir a un entrevista con inmigración sin abogado. Todo eso y más explica el abogado Andrés Mejer Transcripción Transcript Coming Soon

How do large numbers of undocumented immigrants enter the US

To Be Legal 04-29-19 In this episode: How do large numbers of undocumented immigrants enter the US. How to extend legal stay into the US? Why no immigrant should go to an interview with immigration alone in the Trump administration? All this and more answered by speaker, published author, and immigration attorney Andrés Mejer Transcription Good morning and welcome to The English version of our weekly radio program para ser legal today we're going to be dealing with three main subjects. First how do large number of undocumented [...]

Por que es importante ser honesto con su abogado?

Para Ser Legal 04-22-19 En este episodio: Por que es importante ser honesto con su abogado? Esperando afuera de las oficinas de inmigración el conferencista, autor, y abogado de inmigración Andrés Mejer explica dos casos de la semana pasada. Transcripción Andrés Mejer para investigar. Comentario. Muy bien Marielena Muchas gracias. Bueno esta semana hay que tener más de una ocasión para recordarle cada semana pero una vez más al cierre del debate para hoy. Bueno hoy tenemos algo interesante por lo que están en Facebook y me pueden [...]

What happens when you lie to your immigration attorney?

To Be Legal 04-22-19 In This Episode: What happens when you lie to your immigration attorney? In this segment, Andrés Mejer gives two examples of where not being honest with an attorney can hurt you. Transcription: Good morning my name is Andrés Mejer. I'm an immigration attorney and the author of Do you qualify forU.S. legal status. Welcome to the English version of our radio show. I'm in the car here right behind me isMt. Laurel. That's a New Jersey field office. I just came out with a [...]