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Immigration in the News Today- Mississippi Raids

Almost 700 people were taken into ICE custody from five businesses this past week in Mississippi. Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, talks about why that happened and what you can do to keep it from happening to you. He also reminds you of your rights if you are stopped by ICE or if they come to your home.


Andres Mejer  Good morning. We have a great segment for you today. We’re going to start with. News in immigration. Just three topics in immigration and we’re going to talk about. First is the undocumented immigrants the six hundred eighty of them were arrested in Mississippi and why that’s important for you. They’re going to talk about the Real I.D. in New Jersey what that’s going to mean for you traveling within the United States, what identification you’re going to have and lastly we’re going to talk about individuals that were convicted of U.S. visa. Fraud and what does that mean.  

Andres Mejer  So six hundred eighty immigrants in Mississippi were arrested. Now the raids had seven plants owned by five companies in six cities. It was the largest set of arrests in one state in U.S. history. As of Thursday, three hundred seventy-seven people remain in custody. Two hundred and seventy-one workers were released after being processed and receiving a date to appear in court. Thirty-two were released for humanitarian reasons and 18 were kids. There were minors who were juveniles. They were picked up in the raid in the raids including one as young as 14 years old. All of them were working in factories. Nine of those juveniles or half of them were released and not even processed. ICE has promised more worksite enforcement to come. Very important. So what happened here? You had companies that were hiring illegal immigrants and knew about it and there were other there’s allegations coming out of other violations of people informing them that not only did they hire illegals. I mean that’s bad in of itself. They also took advantage of them paid them less than what they should have for example. Well, I’m going to pay you ten dollars an hour but to get ten dollars an hour you’re gonna have to work 60 hours a week. Now if you work 60 hours a week in particularly in a factory job it’s not considered a management job it’s an hourly rate. You should get paid time and a half for anything past 40. That is one of many examples of the types of events that were happening. In these factories but it doesn’t change the fact that they raided the factories. They detained the immigrants. And. As far as I know, not a single of those factory owners were arrested or detained so far. But what does this mean for you? Well, it’s very simple. There’s gonna be more raids, worksite enforcement is going up. They said they’re going to increase it by four to five times. So what can you do to prevent it? To be honest not a whole lot other than perhaps not work at a large company or a large factory. If you do make sure you have a valid Social Security number make sure you have valid work authorization because if you do not have a problem it’s what happens if you don’t have valid Social Security number or a valid work authorization and you’re in a company like a factory that occurs in parts of Lakewood and in other parts of New Jersey where there are a lot of factory-type jobs. Well, those could be raided at any time. This is not to scare you. It’s just simply a reality. So you have to be prepared for it. If anyone is approached by ice you have the right to remain silent. If they come to your home do not open any doors without seeing a warrant and demand to speak to an attorney. Don’t answer any questions without speaking to a lawyer. If you want to know these rights just send a comment below. Ask for our red card share this video I’ll happily send it to you.