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On July 15, 2018, more than 50 immigrant detainees in Texas, sent an open letter to the American people pleading for help to be reunited with their children that were taken away by officials when they enter the US seeking asylum.

These immigrant parents are not criminals, they simply fled the oppressive situations in their home countries, coming to America with the hope of finding a better way of life for them and their children.

In most situations, immigrants who are detained under President Trump’s immigration policies are not criminals and there is no rational basis to separate immigrant parents from their immigrant children.

Immigrants fleeing the conditions in their countries

Most immigrants entering the United States seeking asylum do so to escape the horrific gang violence and drug cartels that are present in their home country. They make a long treacherous journey, crossing thousands of miles, to come to the United States. Along the way they see many people die en route to the United States. However, to these immigrant parents, the atrocities they have seen in their home countries pale in comparison to their treatment by US immigration officials. These immigrants, who are for the most part hard-working, decent people, have been jailed for months and their children ripped from their arms by immigration and customs enforcement. In the weeks and months that they have been held in captivity, there has been little ability to communicate with their immigrant children. Parents claim that children report feeling as though they are living among strangers and parents feel the family bonds may be fading between themselves and their immigrant children.

Immigrant children traumatized

Most psychologists agree that this type of separation of immigrant families is traumatizing to immigrant children. But you don’t have to be a psychologist to see the trauma on the little faces of immigrant children being held in pens, away from their families.

New Jersey immigration attorney Andres Mejer has seen families torn apart by US immigration policy. As an advocate for immigrants, Andres has long fought to keep immigrant families together to minimize the trauma of separation for immigrant children. He has been involved with several cases where authorities were attempting to deport immigrant mothers and immigrant fathers or otherwise detain such immigrants without regard to their immigrant children.

More than 2500 immigrant children being held

More than 2500 immigrant children are still being held, separated from their parents, in US immigration detention centers, according to recent court filings. The federal immigration court has ordered immigration officials to reunite the immigrant parents with their immigrant children by July 26, 2018, a deadline that is unlikely to be met by immigration officials.

Unfortunately, immigration delays, denials, and deportations have become the new norm. Many immigrants fall victim to US immigration policies, even when there is a legal basis for the immigrant to remain in this country with lawful status. Therefore, immigration attorneys and advocates like Andres Mejer say that Pres. Trump has declared war on immigrants.

For example, the immigrant children who applied for DACA and were granted legal status in the United States, have been under attack by the Trump administration almost since day one. Immigration attorney Andres Mejer has dealt with many such cases and has helped scores of undocumented immigrants obtain legal status in the United States. If you have questions about immigration or you or a loved one are facing deportation or other difficult immigration problem, we encourage you to call immigration attorney Andres Mejer for a free case evaluation.

Young immigrant children denied asylum

Most immigrant children come to the United States with their parents seeking asylum. In the past, immigration policy allowed for many immigrants to qualify for asylum. However, the Trump administration has adopted much stricter criteria for asylum, resulting in most asylum-seekers being deported. Immigrant families are often unaware of their legal options. The same is true for undocumented immigrants who have been in the United States for quite some time. Immigration attorney Andres Mejer can explain these options and often finds the solution for undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status. For example, immigrants may qualify for legal status if they are:

So even though you may hear of immigrant children being denied asylum, that does not mean that all hope is gone for you in your situation. Contacting immigration attorney Andres Mejer may be the first step to obtaining legal status in the United States.

You may also find our “Do You Qualify for Legal Status” tool useful. It is a fast, free way to see if you may qualify for legal status.