I’ll Take “Questions to Ask A Traffic Defense Attorney” for $2,000, Alex

///I’ll Take “Questions to Ask A Traffic Defense Attorney” for $2,000, Alex
One of the best things about the game show “Jeopardy” is that sometimes we, the viewers, may often think we would be able to blow the competition away because we are answering questions correctly in rapid succession. However, if you were given the category of “Questions to Ask a Traffic Defense Attorney”, how well would you really do? The questions of course seem simple at first, but you would be surprised at the answers. Here are five questions you should make sure to ask before picking an attorney to handle your traffic or DUI case.

Question #1: What experience do you have defending traffic tickets or DUIs?

The length of time an attorney has practiced doesn’t represent the complete picture when it comes to relevant experience—you also need to factor in the number of citations he or she has defended, as well as whether he or she has regular appearances in your particular city’s courts. Remember that an experienced traffic attorney will know the technicalities that result in having tickets dismissed or have fines and penalties reduced.

Question #2: What will you charge for your services?

Keep in mind that not all attorneys honor initial price quotes; a quote given over the phone or in an advertisement may not necessarily be what you are ultimately asked to pay. Having clarity in terms of fees will give you the security of knowing exactly what your case will cost. Be conscious of the value and quality of your representation, not just what you are charged.

Question 3: Who will be my lawyer?

Although you may speak with an experienced partner during the initial consultation, it’s possible for an inexperienced associate to be the one who shows up in court. Before making a final decision about which attorney to hire, make sure that you confirm which attorney will be handling your case.

Question 4: Can you guarantee me a result?

A guarantee from an attorney should be a warning sign that this is someone you shouldn’t hire. An ethical attorney will review state evidence against you and present a likely outcome, based upon his or her level of skill and experience.

Question 5: What legal obstacles do you see? Explain my case in detail.

Listening to how your potential attorney answers this open-ended question gives you the opportunity to get a sense of his or her character and intellect. It also allows the attorney to highlight past experiences with traffic and DUI cases.

At Andres Mejer & Associates, we have handled hundreds of traffic violations within Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties. Given our experience, you can trust in our ability to assess likely outcomes and develop a strategy that minimizes collateral consequences.

During our initial meeting we will break down the state’s case and thoroughly walk you through our plan of defense. We will never “swap out” attorneys—from start to finish, you will work directly with either Andres Y. Mejer or Kimberly S. Mejer. We also charge a flat fee, regardless of how long your case may take to complete, and accept payment plans. At Andres Mejer & Associates, you can be confident that you made the right choice.


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