How Will COVID 19 Impact Your Immigration Case with Andres Mejer Law?

How Will COVID 19 Impact Your Immigration Case with Andres Mejer Law?

Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, talks about the corona virus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting society as a whole. He also discusses how it might impact his clients or those who would like to hire him.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer Thank you for joining us today on the English version of our program. But I said to God today we’re going to do something a little bit differently. We’re going to talk specifically about the Coronavirus. So it’s affecting everybody across borders in the U.S., in Europe, in South America. It’s affecting everyone.

Andres Mejer Coronavirus. It’s a little hard to think about. It’s hard to feel the individual risk when, you know, many people aren’t going to get sick. And it’s really hard to act based on a potential problem. This isn’t an immigration issue per se. But today we’re making an exception because we’re called to act. It will take every one of us to come together to protect our neighbors and our families. It’s a personal issue to most of us have older parents who are very much at risk of hospitalization or death. So we wanted to share these two points to help you think about the Coronavirus and what to do about it.

Andres Mejer Afterwards, we’ll tell you what you can do and what we under this measure law are doing to respond to this issue that crosses borders, crosses races. It’s not about it crosses economics. It’s not about are you Asselin or are you not? Are you Hispanic or are you Caucasian? None of it matters. It affects everyone equally. So it’s not obvious that it’s true.

Andres Mejer But you are in more danger from the Coronavirus than almost anything else you can do. The best estimate we have says there’s a point 5 percent death rate for someone in their 40s. Now, overall, I’ve seen anywhere from 1 percent to 2 percent. So it’s been it depends on whether we’re talking about it. What the studies have talked about just China or they’ve included other countries. The best guess right now is for someone in their 40s. It’s a point four percent death rate, which obviously is less than 1 percent. This is what it seems to have been in who being China based on available information.

Andres Mejer So as a 40-year-old, as a 40 something-year-old, I might hear this or hear that the vast majority of people who die are older than me and I could feel safe. The thing is, nothing I ever do in daily life has a point. 4 percent death rate is suddenly normal. Life becomes point, 4 percent fatal or more for someone over 60. And we don’t change our behavior. It’s a mistake driving the car. The death rate is way lower. Getting on an airplane way lower. Struck by lightning even lower. You know, things that people worry about getting shot on the street. The death rates are all lower than that.

Andres Mejer So the fact is there are other things we are afraid of that we are in less risk than the Coronavirus. We need to be aware of that. So in the same way someone younger than me might hear that no one their age has ever died and feel indestructible. They don’t have to worry.

Andres Mejer But the problem is, even if you don’t die, a bad case of the Coronavirus is not something you want to go through. You get sedated and they put you on a machine that forces your lungs to breathe a ventilator. It is thoroughly unpleasant. I’m told I’ve not experienced that firsthand. I don’t ever want to experience it. And I hope you don’t either. In Italy, people as young as 18 have required intensive care. Even if you are 25 to 40, big steps to protect yourself make sense and if you’re older. This is even more true now, even if you don’t contract the Coronavirus in any significant way. Let’s say you get a cold, you know, but you don’t get. It’s not a serious case. You could still spread it to others and those others could have a very different reaction. It’s about multiple effects. It’s not necessarily how it just affects you. It’s everybody you can put come into contact with potentially hundreds of people in a percentage of those, maybe some of them, your family will become sick and die. And that’s what the focus on. It’s exponential growth. It means that it’s completely prudent to cancel or pause every public gathering we can, including school, even if it causes a severe strain or inconvenience.

Andres Mejer So let me give you an example. In Italy, the Coronavirus deaths of Drewett seven times per week every week with seven times more in the week before. So let’s look at what this means in that hypothetical region with only one hundred. ICU beds with ventilators now, by the way. 103 beds are a lot because in the United States of America, you know, most hospitals work at or close capacity. It’s a for-profit organization. They don’t make money in having a bed that’s not filled. They rent or pay for it. They pay rent or that, you know, overhead. They buy equipment. They want equipment that’s being used. I don’t want equipment that’s sitting on a shelf. So the majority of beds, it is about 140000 in the US today. The majority, are presently being used. But let’s put that aside for a moment. Let’s assume in a hypothetical area, there is a hospital with 100 free beds, none of them being used.

Andres Mejer Week one, we have one serious case that needs an ICU bed and a ventilator. Get no problem with one case. We get nine. No more beds.

Andres Mejer We two. We have seven serious cases. Still no serious problem.

Andres Mejer Week three. Forty-nine. Serious cases. Now you at half capacity. Things are starting to get active.

Andres Mejer Week four. You have three hundred and forty-three cases in just seven days. This is gone from manageable to complete and total crisis.

Andres Mejer People now can’t get the care they need, including for other emergencies like strokes, car accidents, horror, heart attacks. You know, you’re talking about having mobile hospitals on parking lots and in dorms and in hotels and any place they can put their doctors now have to choose between caring for a 40-year-old mother of two and a healthy 25-year-old versus a 35-year-old who’s pregnant. This is happening in Italy now. Your only way to get these people treatment is to move massive numbers of critically ill people to other cities that haven’t been hit yet. This is happening in Italy, too.

Andres Mejer  If you’re sick and you’re in Rome and there are not enough beds and they want to move you to Milan where they’re where they haven’t been hit and beds are moving, a critically ill person from one location to another is complicated, risky. It may be the only chance they got. Week five, two thousand four hundred, and one case for one hundred beds. Statistically, your hospitals barely even exist at this point. Moving that many people will be near impossible, even if there is room for them somewhere else. If you don’t have the manpower, the ambulances, the Arab planes, or the helicopters, you don’t have the infrastructure to move that many sick people. Not to mention treating the ones you presently are trying to do with the beds you got if you want to prevent needless death.

Andres Mejer The experience in China and now Italy shows you’d need to take dramatic steps to slow growth before this situation looks really bad. That’s very hard for policymakers. Hence the disasters in China, in Italy. So right now, how this unfolds and how many die depends on you and me. It depends on what we do in the days and weeks to come.

Andres Mejer You know, these numbers were from this morning. I guarantee you, they’ve already checked. But worldwide, there’s a hundred and seventy-nine thousand fifty-seven confirmed Coronavirus infections, seventy-eight thousand or almost half have recovered. And seven thousand fifty-seven have died in China, which has had almost half of all cases. Eighty-one thousand thirty-two people were infected. Sixty-seven thousand nine hundred ten recovered. The overwhelming majority and three thousand two hundred seventeen have died. There’s another 11000 there in the mix. Italy twenty-seven thousand nine hundred eighty infected, two thousand seven hundred forty-nine recovered. So there’s a good twenty-five thousand still unaccounted for there and two thousand one hundred and fifty-eight dead. Those numbers are a hell of a lot worse than China. In China, 81000 infected. Three 3000 dead. In Italy. Twenty-eight thousand infected. Almost just under almost two thousand two hundred dead as a percentage. That’s not good math. We’re not moving in the right direction. Now, today, the U.S. has four thousand one hundred and thirty-eight infected. Twelve recovered. 71 deaths. Most of those have been in Seattle, Washington. New York has six deaths. New Jersey has two deaths in the last 24 hours.

Andres Mejer New Jersey cases have more than doubled. Yesterday, there were 98 confirmed cases. Today is one hundred and seventy-six. Today we are at the same point. Italy was two weeks ago. They didn’t do enough. Enough today. All of Italy is in lockdown. We need to do that now so that we are not in this situation. Italy is, but we see where things are going. The question is, are we smart enough to do anything about it? So what can you do?

Andres Mejer You need to focus on personal hygiene. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds every time. Every time you come into contact with a new area, with a new person, if you don’t contact physical contact with that person. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds.

Andres Mejer Don’t touch your face with your hands. As I’m sitting here doing it, I know it’s very difficult. We touch our mouths. We touch your nose. We touch her eyes. You know, we brush our hair. Don’t do it. It’s a habit. I know. It’s difficult. It’s difficult. I’m saying as difficult as I’m doing it, I get it.

Andres Mejer But it is something we all need to work on. Three keep a distance of six feet from other people. That means no hugs, no handshakes or kisses in greeting. Its transmission is in contact. Don’t go to locations with many people. Like movie theaters, gyms, and shopping malls. This is the reason why many schools are already closed today. The governors of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey banned gatherings of more than 50 people in order. The closings of many businesses after 8 p.m… Bars and restaurants will be limited to takeout and delivery. No, hey, I get it. If I own a restaurant and the governors tell me I get to close my shop where I can only do takeout liquid down. You’re putting me out of business. So, unfortunately, to keep everyone, we must Trump the benefit of one or them to help the many. We have to Trump the rights of the few. So I don’t like it. I’m not. I’m not saying it’s okay. I’m not saying it’s right. But it is a reality.

Andres Mejer And I understand why they’re doing it. I wish I had a better alternative. Well, the alternative is that we all do what we need to do and we self-quarantine. But the reality is a lot of people don’t understand, are not informed, and are not going to make the right decisions or that benefit either them or others. And for that reason, these rules are being imposed. Now, just today, two hours ago, President Trump suggested that no one should go means more than 10 people. It’s not a requirement. It’s not an order. It’s only a suggestion. And in states around the country, they’ve already made those requirements as orders. So Michigan, California, Washington, a lot of the states. Chicago, Illinois, a lot of these governors have already issued similar rulings.

Andres Mejer What is Andres Mejer Law doing? So we have canceled all speaking engagements at churches and events until further notice. For example, yesterday we canceled a seminar at a church scheduled for 200 people to talk about the public charge because we believe safety is more important. So, yes, the public charge is important. That’s why we’ve devoted three or over four of these programs just to talk about different aspects of it. But, you know, if we’re sick and we pass away, God forbid that is much more important than the public charges to take. A public charge will be with us for a while. I hope the coronaviruses not if we act appropriately. However, our office will remain open unless ordered to close by the government, even if it’s ordered to close.

Andres Mejer We have the capacity to work remotely, and it is what most of our employees are already doing. Even if ordered to close. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week during business hours. We answer our phones after hours. We have an answering service and we hope to be able to continue to answer our phones and to sort of pursue our clients in person or otherwise. We are still accepting new appointments, but it’s by appointment only. Now, this is not new. It’s been our policy for at least two years. We don’t meet anybody without an appointment. That means if you show up at her office, you say, I want to speak to the attorney. They’re going to ask you, do you have an appointment? You’re going to say no. They’re going to say, well, sir, let’s try to make you one. Let’s see what we can accommodate you. And chances are you’re not going to get an appointment even that day. That’s been true for you for a while now. Sometimes we have a cancelation. I mean, we fit you in a couple of hours later depending on what our capacity is. But generally speaking, we see new potential clients with appointments, only existing clients. Same thing, appointments only. You’re the person, the attorney that you work with. Go. Because we are five attorneys and over 15 support staff.

Andres Mejer The attorney you working with may not even be in the office. He or she may be in court. They may be immigration. They may be unavailable. They may be on trial. We don’t know. So it needs to be by appointment only now for new potential clients. We’re highly encouraging all new potential clients to make use of our phone or video conferencing features. We’ve always had them. We. But now we’re using them because we’re told we have to. If we don’t meet in person, we have the means to deal with that for our existing clients. We are only meeting via phone or video. Many of our employees are working remotely. We are a paper list office. That means is I could take my laptop and my phone and work from anywhere in the world and still help you. And still, talk to you. And still review. Review your case, your papers, your documents.

Andres Mejer I can work from anywhere. This is it. New. We’ve worked we’ve been working on this for years, but now we’re communicating it with you and you get the benefit of that of all the investments that we have made because as other attorneys have to close their office, we do not because we could talk to you and we can work from home. So for our existing clients, again, we’re meeting by phone or video conference. If you need documents, they need to decide. Look, we do immigration, right? That means there are petitions and supporting documents. We may have all of your documents, but if you haven’t signed a petition, then we can’t file. So we can review the document with you remotely through video or even phone. We can mail it e-mail to you, mailed to you. We reviewed go item by item, question by question so that you understand what you’re asking. But more importantly, what you’re sorry. 120 that it is perfect. And what I mean by perfect is every answer is correct to the best of your ability. We don’t want any misspellings or mistakes of any kind now. So we can review it. Then I can either e-mail it to you, you print it out, sign it and return it, or if you don’t have the ability to print out, we can mail it to you.

Andres Mejer Now, immigration requires original signatures. Otherwise, you could just fax it back or you could take a photograph on your phone and send us the image. That sounds good enough. We need an original. So you’re going to print it out or we’re going to mail it to you? You can assign it and you’re going to send it back. We ask, please, if you or a member of your family is unwell with a cold or otherwise. We ask you to remain at home and you do your consultations via phone or video conferencing. Every employee has parents and children. We don’t want anyone exposed to this. We don’t want to extend the time of the Coronavirus any more than we need to. So take advantage of our capabilities, speak to us remotely.

Andres Mejer We’re here to answer your questions. We’re here to help to talk to our staff to determine if you need an appointment. Give us a call or e-mail info. And I’m just mashallah dot com. Thank you for your patience. Next week, we come back to immigration. Our favorite subject. But like I said, the Coronavirus knows no boundaries. Thank you very much. Until next time.

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