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70% of Americans agree illegals immigrants shouldn't be deportedSo far in 2015, 7 in 10 Americans feel as though undocumented immigrants (illegal or visa overstays) should be allowed to stay in the country legally.  This shows that the American people are willing to accept immigration, and do not fit the stereotypic model of hatred toward immigration.  There are, of course, groups that feel otherwise and there always will be.  Regardless, the American people are at a point where they understand that no matter what we do, no matter what policies we enact, people are going to come to this country.  Many Americans then feel that we may as well do our part to help them do it legally.People disagree on the requirements for allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the U.S. and how it should be done.  I agree that border security and enforcement of our laws are important, but we need to realize that immigration reform can help both.

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If you face immigration an immigration challenge we have some valuable resources for you:

  1. Do You Need an Immigration Attorney? You Might Not – I will explain when you need an immigration attorney.  Not every needs one.  I will also explain the benefits of hiring one in any immigration challenge.
  2. 7 Critical Questions to ask Before Hiring an Immigration Attorney – If you have decided that you need an immigration attorney, how do you make sure you hire a good one?  I explain to you the questions you need to ask before you hire your immigration attorney.
  3. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court – Here I discuss what happens if you get arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement, what you need to know to get out of custody, and what to expect if you are placed in removal hearings.  I also explain the municipal court process and how a municipal court matter can result in your being placed into removal proceedings.

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