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What does Deferred Action mean for New Jersey?A lot of articles have been written regarding President Obama’s executive actions, but most of them have focused on the nation as a whole. We’ve talked about how these programs can increase the amount of workers in the American economy, and we’ve extensively covered the benefits it can have socially and culturally. But a lot of people are left wondering, what can these programs do for the state of New Jersey? Some of the effects are the same, but the numbers are not. Studies estimate that there are 55,000 children (or young adults) in New Jersey who would qualify for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, all of whom have the ability to receive work authorization. Further, there are 146,000 parents of legal immigrant children, and they are able to apply for work authorization as well. This totals to 201,000 people eligible to receive work authorization, and 201,000 people who can start earning money in the state of New Jersey. As previous article have stated, when these people start working, they start paying taxes, and they start spending more money in the New Jersey economy. Now let’s look at some hypotheticals. If all 201,000 of those people were to get a job making 1,000 dollars a week, after taxes they would make somewhere around 845 dollars (depending on how much they had withheld and so on) this means that 155 dollars goes to taxes. This means that every week, 31.16 million dollars would be paid in taxes. In one year that would make for 1.62 billion dollars in taxes every year. But that’s not all; with that money that is left over, there would be an additional 8.8 billion dollars in spending money in the New Jersey economy. But let’s be real, not all 201,000 are going to apply for authorization, and not all of those who do apply are going to find a job paying 1,000 dollars a week. Researchers have crunched a lot more numbers, and have done a lot more work, and have found that around 1,500 jobs are likely to be created in New Jersey. Using our hypothetical job from earlier, this would produce a useful 12.09 million dollars in taxes, and 65.9 million in cash flow. While not as large as our hypothetical, just think of the wonders this money could do for our state’s economy. This is why these programs benefit not only the nation as whole, but the state of New Jersey as well. I can speak from personal experience. Since Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was implemented on August 15, 2012, I have hired many DACA beneficiaries for a variety of jobs. I have two who work for me today. They are industrious, creative, and so thankful for the opportunity to come out of the shadows and help others at the same time. Despite their joy, and they truly love helping immigrants achieve their immigration goals, they are sad that their parents didn’t get the same opportunities they are now enjoying. I am concerned about the President’s Executive Action, not on his choice to use it to help immigrants. I am worried how a different president may use it in the future. I believe what President Obama did is unequivocally 100% constitutional. Despite that, I have misgivings about what this will allow a future President to do. It is also unfortunate that our congress is so dysfunctional it can’t come together to pass legislation that so clearly benefits our country in so many ways. My misgivings doesn’t change that Executive Action is good for America and is good for New Jersey in particular.Free Resources Available for YouIf you face an immigration challenge we have some valuable resources for you:

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