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Keep in mind you can’t apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals under the new program before February 18, 2015 and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability before May 19, 2015.  Nobody can file for you before those dates.  We are still waiting for the filing forms and final rules to be published.  However, you have to consider the scope of the program and how long it takes to properly prepare your petition.  There is a lot more involved than filling out a form or three.  The longer you wait to get started the longer it will take to properly prepare it.

Here is what an Attorney can do for you today,

  1. Review your circumstances to see if you qualify for a more permanent solution (too many people qualify for something and don’t even know it);
  2. Advise you if you qualify for DACA or DAPA programs;
  3. Help you prepare the documents necessary to prove every element of the program;
  4. Make sure you are not disqualified from the program by reviewing your criminal and driver’s history; and
  5. Make sure that you aren’t an enforcement priority in case you are denied.

For example, if were you were convicted of three or more misdemeanors, a significant misdemeanor, or an aggravated felony you are wasting your time by applying.  If your application is denied and you are an enforcement priority because of a conviction you can find yourself in removal proceedings.  You may have to consider applying for post-conviction relief to overturn a conviction before you can apply for DACA or DAPA.  Only a lawyer can help you with that application, or you can do it yourself.

Immigration law is vast and complex.  An attorney can help you understand your case in the larger context of the law.  An attorney can help you assess the potential risks and benefits for you and perhaps find you a more permanent solution than Deferred Action.

Not every case requires an attorney to prepare your DACA or DAPA application.

Yes, I admit it.  There is no legal obligation that you hire an attorney to help you with your petition.  In the past two years, there were many DACA cases that were handled by the immigrant. Many DACA applicants are fluent in English and took the time to learn how to apply and they were organized in how they did it.  That is generally not the case for DAPA recipients who for the most part didn’t go to school in the U.S. and have less of a command of the English language.

There are also non-attorneys who claim to help you.  Be very careful of who you hire.  Many of them are breaking the law because they are giving legal advice that they are not competent or qualified to do so.  Some will charge you more than attorneys.  Some just want to steal from you.  Many organizations legitimately want to help.  Sometimes it is hard to separate the scams from well meaning organizations.  Do your homework before you hire anyone to help you. Listen to your insticts.

This is what Andres Mejer Law will do for you

  1. All your options reviewed and explained;
  2. You will know if you qualify;
  3. We will make sure that you are not disqualified by requesting and reviewing your criminal and driving background;
  4. If necessary we request your informatoin from immigratoin through a Freedom of Information Act request if there are issues that need to be addressed and you don’t have your prior documentation (for example, may have an order of deportation or gave a false name when you entered the U.S. without inspection);
  5. Your application will be professionally organized, indexed, and submitted;
  6. You will get an binder with your documents organized and easy to refer to; and
  7. You will have a law firm with an excellent track record of approvals without Request for Evidence for the existing Deferred Action program.

With Andres Mejer Law you get peace of mind by knowing if we accept your case, you likely will get your Deferred Action as soon as possible.  We can’t guarantee results.  No one can.  But our track record speaks for itself.  We don’t believe in rushing your petition out the door just to get a Request for Evidence from the government.  That needlessly delays your petition and is a way other attorneys use to charge you more.  We do our best to get your petition right the first time.  When the rare Request for Evidence does come we are quick to contact you and get the documents we need to respond timely and efficiently.  But that will cost you more and can delay getting your work authorization by six months.  Isn’t it better to wait a couple of weeks to submit a full petition rather than delay six months in getting and respond to a Request for Evidence?  We think so.

If you have any questions about DACA/DAPA programs or immigration law in general, you can:

  1. Call 888-695-6169 to speak to our knowledgeable staff;
  2. Fill out the contact us form on this page;
  3. Select the live chat feature to speak to someone right away.

We help immigrants, one petition at a time.