Getting your green card is harder than ever. (Para Ser Legal 12 17 18)

Getting your green card is harder than ever. (Para Ser Legal 12 17 18)

In This Episode:

Watch as the speaker, author, and immigration attorney Andrés Mejer explains three cases from around the country where government is trying to deport green card holders and how to defend the cases.


Keeping. But I feel safe. They a family. Yeah I know. But I love that level level I do think it worth it. But I be at. That. You just need a. Yes. More and ask for money. Yes. Exactly. Well with that I’ll go nowhere. Well yes and no. And we’ll see the almost premade old lip on unison. Mind portended but another all the NCAA in particular did. And if it did I hear you this boy is way of love in the sort and me more tame up at or lowly I said in English. So with a solo in Facebook. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. See it’s a bit bit better they’re low in this though. Gale go Vienna north then Osaka. That is done to date did to the board have done it a second that I said. No part of their aloneness in detail. No not exactly.

I mean just my us. But it SCV let let us say here you know I am also allowing others focusing on us what a simple petition for Minyard petition did they employ male immigrant to pick you up at Logan is victim of their own cream and have you ladies here a Cee Lo consulates you are in the process of putting us on its offensive give them all glanced over they saw this voice loudly the assign yours does I Valois add to the view and to confirm we’ll get it. Oh no one goes Kami knows the scene don’t panic wincing you let it sit here in momento Gil audience yet we import the common lunacy meted out in local Komodo Sonja’s at the silo that the Mondo Martha ample but I can see you let us sit things here got that Castle backed up by venturing into the ether that the Mundo my in bold but I can see you look I must leave to guess your own I must be there it is must be feces Cee Lo Oy get though hand you like Trump it will say well we’ll get us when they get tired and process well we’re a little savvy to look at that. That’s the one on your little sign yesterday Sonya’s meant that the Monday really equal look a la county that could quite put the simple Doc sallow a little mental battle look and Makoto came to know Savin its meet out solo book it will routine of the sit ins here it’s not going to seek him out to look within second it’s not kids seeking a boy said that poor devil you look at dumb movie in dois it let me stress you on my back with him on that to the Trump it done Bunyan no must if so I imported Daddy migraine tests known not as important as he’s done document though well in local mental I get that in the documentary that Casey can get Casey just like he’s seen but me so see me I something I gotta do I want to put in prison the body’s gone Look you wouldn’t know service you know recently gone e Danny DeVito or yeah I see the symptoms autofocus you honest I’m in deep they’re not I doubt play that they need put a damper says the puts on site got it they let it sit here Ito idea they protect it in grew so I made McConnell’s Kentucky as soon as you get this CV on Lassie with any m c loaded I see it on board a part of the fro the dip within put in versus the port on top of this I got it date last you hear this blessed that pathetic door the way is as close as if done Passaro and ethically to our boy Look kiddo I’m not a son. Today’s castles these team those can follow in late notice yes Rose already more misses in part this distinctly then base middle ghetto I’m glad to see that we actually got less pursuing that cut I will not eat this place I’m worried that those guys are good he has the defense as distinct that’s yup you can know I’ve got that Cassel got one lotteries out a lot in pretty pretty many meet it is Jose Luis Garcia Guinness the same day those are yours is all now Ignacio in Mexico Beatles Sally or they make you call the name The Tracy annuals succeed Kasey Singh Quinton your study window and looked out was one those yellow listed in delectable DNA like I said no DNA e horse they New toast in Kentucky mutual Temple and those mean. Oh no for Aristotle port of Valencia domestic. I don’t know sir. Muscular keep us all. So put them into lock with them. Good public law. Take a look. You’ve been nothing here much of the time yes Pedro leaving California. You knowDr. Miss cetera and the author of tourism will judge us. LauraE. Icelandic Tokyo Italy. They need to I really to say this. Oh that’s plus you’ll see wound or throw at him a Lucas niche get a Poland. Ellen Thrall tellsU.S continue I think Tanya’s Soo’s this song. Look Taurus alias a sort of place it into the girl in Washington where it is too soon then move similar a low meal so low key. You’re not seeing people line in the CNG to eat better your one thing I think Juan in Washington where time in this immediate sense here. My problem and receive your sort of sincere I trust them. I love anything that President Reagan noted they say ship with the applicator. Don’t say Ellen throw it. I see your license here in Washington where they could gather in Michigan and send it out toward the university. He said this place if we’re Aquila. They say soDr. Lawton Moore the assignments that I have come on Doctor say like I said there are many candidates with process for me to get in those horse. No I’d like to buy Louisville you make it out as Inglis can quarantine that it’s onU.S that in the end alluded to one thing I would joinU.S Aquino also Ninos e ice Hugo also Costa eluded to now on this place. Now several Aquila. I would put Canada coherent when to look in on the bitterness and no maintain those long controlled could bog late to eat appropriate that the velour men was this yen dollars it kept us all over an accidental. Which I chose and an outlaw in your throat. You don’t allow to vote will not be clear yet if we had a title 18 it I mean nor did I want to parcel. Just note out the little and in my mind that that is your now E.

You mean as you please it cannot conduct to immoral and meanwhile nibble on you. A preview into those local town could populate the notable but often inappropriate I can honor then they will by Lord Midas endorse their will to ala men nor did I E bought out on a decade ago this one dissident. But I took it to look continued contended with Anderson listening may guarantee you not pick up but I would expungement Casey get a boat out and let. You mean that’s you until you can access it. I have yet to make contact in contract. And could those who you can look like a low boat acted. No. No I bought Adam. No I used expungement but I mean that’s John me most in DLC and kiddie I pick up I I said on policy up what it can blow. CORNISH editor Adam McCord put it here so low key low ball is no case he can go we don’t know what the Nexus whistle Wetzel does in those incidents. In the meantime those on the left may not do that. And don’t we know Cho long countdown could probably handle more natural in those mean threats if we add a Daniel port ofU.S into the Mexico battle and if we are we sue you’ll get no no no contango public concept is that act after Safeway does it look at DNA those in flux units but this one in flux units Kate Quinn and I made note of that e monarch under what I show in those Lord to theS.A. displaced.

I’m wondering this your charter for numerous among them are they it didn’t either. I mean that’s your point I will keep us all money printing it meant it will give us a mother have been to onU.S Trump OK. Does this it the window seat was your data set or is Dane foster care the Jamaica resident in the guy with the engine of a jersey elephant. No they all seem to a single person ask if we don’t recall he though let’s say Uppsala.

If we’re the hosts we are in a daycare I mean all of that current babysitter e you make us your own logic a whole aisle is a poser alien troll.

A lot also need us in the event I see a to call motor center little I said local name any kind of switch poser to go in. He talked for it either. That’s what I meant it is I believe that in a way that I have full faith when I read it. You know what I thought. Interesting to me she’ll be a 15 and Quatro equal school in total so I know many condos. My your neighborhood in now you’re my your little Samuels puts it into quandary though saying someone’s loneliness is a little long gone down. Cool public. I wouldn’t say a diaper aid society in Nottingham which was a detail better and knows a little more weight down your local down could public that tin marijuana. Get it in North Jersey near. Consider the little significantly. I’ll go below the August mint anybody make us do anything. E looking articulate decent if you will not stop it all. If you look nice looking cool yes look at in end no celebrity matricula a little bit of normal meant that I am program I did this post to see an identity button over Jersey see that Ethan is put on put on digital commentary to the robots to put this entire program up not in winter could possibly I just promoted your on you just put the near going to look at it was so too complicated programmer to let me know out here forty thousand one of its nineteen to pocket now and this a programmer book like equal and equal can you go to a private audio knock off work artisan lamb will travel with minimal yellow puddle then sit.

I love my foot I thought of my thing with this hot sauce it programmer it is plus a lot of thought on day well to airport it’s a local town department does anything momento. No society presence on roads trains this to us this the steam tolls e prenatal care of that OK. Care is not a solution.

You guys in and I encounter little casseroles Oh no it’s gravy side in the little bit the LA Times keeps you on Petit lap whatever’s event you will own the ritual fundamental in English the AMA post conviction relief kick it is key to see K this post could contain good public to temper that us on your parcel payroll tax application or I’ll waste oil quote unquote damn good public see as a quote that is going to be the key over overloaded or a kill wound per Lemma fundamental I wouldn’t know meant it when Athena it is so in the sink when you say quote unquote good public this plasticine is koan on is super easy I would at it the within a three parties what sort of her. You know I went through pre middle beta I was that transcription it also made getting four more weeks quote I want this to be the old Skyler to I will either kill look at the heat the quality went down could probably get a real but I Tuval I’ll go in and order a fundamental portrait of his skull in with or put it to a whether or not we thought well said when the parties see that the must monsoon season confirms or um I made up another gallery look say I say Happy lantern w e this place a present that until Quest is here with accept them said they Abra in Castle we couldn’t see the outer K downward identikit if indeed did sky articles to tell this give them you know won’t it or outer with us Cody Hinden I wouldn’t mind a bit at all yet to keep you up to the actual definite take a look at the scene with that title outa it let us sort of must call Moon esque too I would rather not. Not not they areU.S though in a minute appropriate or in quests or Lakota not the aim for more than to the rituals or out on the Horde could get them to sell about twenty. No those are all taught to unzip in clientele Yaga look like someone a hundred Rocio Domingo var quartet commodities no evil are those seem to look toward vast and what they call bounded by a loved one dies that easily mended this issue would really be to you guys they mean races don’t yet know what I looked or is it control could Lipitor and now lying Glen again does it come up with the intended look look anyhow and the need to get that Bible in this place. Yes I knew of this place I would oh Cinquanta is this place or what is it with. I would I consequently asking that the elliptical can no António maintain it No no lane for madness who I’ll be rising to new not well all to more escape it was a book about my new I will get to Applegate though not taking for more that or Lakota nothing for more or if he skied nothing for more because I would know that you know as soon as they look consequences Seton Quint they make us you see the point that good public put it simple money under what I try to do so look what the robustness must go moonless in poor case it where they breed Gasol this place get up in us you on the I sold out I see when I look look at passer frequent I’m into S E we know where to start or local time could later this puts you on the that.

Look look look more than they did like that are culturally literal. Like I said for that open definitely doesn’t mean that you own your items here because you can’t get it all political that they could possibly their ticket. I be able to subsume this Yoda.

Nope we’re selling that tend to only mean that’s your own. But if I don’t adhere to remote controls Kate almost universal anytime a mental battle machine at the end it was a helpless premade persona Hosny Louise made it look without good probably the violence of mythical endorsed me.

You know the SCC at the annual cetera England Valeri is India Paulo Manos who is interested the simple an outer sunset denim will give it a late transcription CSF was sceptical about any other lie numero uno No 2 0 0 0 would double talk Ellington the Odyssey allowing lasting polymer known as you got to look up a solo cuando No. I thought I looked or Eno intended it all might be in hip where this seed where no note appropriate out at Valencia mythical Kim with poser a key element Takata goes no keys so live on Takata goes you know Danny I will not keep you mucking it then I think what’s your loss if we don’t see this you know well I simply mean it’s a political winner yet the militant element tell him I know I what I took out of my E note action Navy and I look at it and attempt to not another bit of your mad the action then I’ll lapping it or make a big on guitar what actual McCain see Malaysia now policy a year ago if you look at anyone a America marathon you may quote unquote probably does it you have to meet him plus days as it was short I let me hold over this question kill it or death I meant it and none of them have any quote unquote public but they get a much higher amount by vulnerability and tolerance. Yeah you know Daniel Pearl Emma told terminal just didn’t give it Killer keep us all.

Yes it’s perceived that Segun does he tweets your welcome uncomplicated Lucas I stick with those delete those soap with them antiquated I mean and note that in the end titles in New Jersey you don’t delete those quote man nor does that mean I mean no to that like that lie they add noise and contact again could possibly they I believe died in Hoven but a could No see I see no they need those contracts I don’t see it nor am I meant to look consequences for them into the thing to focus they and contact local public is that I would argue that that RPI Look is there but part of it is Silkwood the view let’s it or soon Ok out on the Hudson conduct you moron you’re destroying appropriate at the altar you’re at any appropriate Canada meal but I much of my needs as in cold moist up with a facade you never jersey I move just a tenant I cannot leave us I would not still be there every single letter since you mentioned and it yet to sort of circumvent those so some super happy though this place can log it out of battle they come you know when I see it it does Delete does the new entity in its own significantly and this no sun look GOTTA GO TO THE MOMENT THEY GO SOLO see no other mass no songs to be sent to the portal Punto money under1.0 OK so I will said You better see you recently got a potential problem I wonder what actual exo solar noise Sufis get up out of the portal use a calendar since you include soul Sea oil in a pickup unless the near my probably a little down in less adeptly kind of policy linear so maybe some principle meant to delete just a note to missing GuanU.S in looking and not that can lower the quality of capital will up with every side. And to have a jersey meter I made the event you mean castles count a ton bribery and or poor will not be Seattle they’ll go we have no fancy for good documentaries it does it don’t mean torture when in over Jersey it top US so in common with those mean yes I don’t mean it FCC I think when you know theM.O. chill pedal kept us all cold all cuando puzzle I tried lupus the defense as distinct us and so many wonder what I show no serve as the I will rather not so then we’ll see if we out or went into it it was Alex that indicated we saw a lot of it although I’m interested knock went up okay. No got some good bowling the actual solo wants to be in the part of the parties John McCain was into a you in a local town could probably does it on it I meant it. Know it in the pocket that I don’t know Lucas it’s I’ll go and poke over the equinox. Ultimately it was shown is does it I guess under a the pimento Jose Luis l built into a mythic up where pick up a few answer my problems that are one of that no mucky in Quincy Illinois market carto aid qualification Lucas dummy in quality fuckup. But. But if the answer so that the intention then other than either conning me that’s your loss. You poor care quality figure. Poor kid. Look I saw an event I was not on the details so I wouldn’t know it I’m in order that puts on it. I met an acquaintance which will not have any contact until Monday. What. OK it’s will still be paid off with the S&P cetera Sutra maintain it. Yes yes yes. Get out. It’s the door. Are you there. Can they maintain it. It’s DNF Armenia to attack us. That they have been the tail end of a concealed fiancee out at Dane Foster. It’s also spoken by the FEC. But look at them cool about it though they wouldn’t really talk. So put them into sort of the August comedy here and known to. Cuomo Lockwood don’t component to solo flight I thought that we know this and the video of it. I accept it said applicable Pellicano you have an accent and it’s a programmer don’t say it. Our only contact with public not about my fiance and not qualify includes so ill about Connecticut and it. We should put up or did it get us into a thousand needles between what the need. Is it coming. Yes no kidding I read out a leprechaun a temple convincing Temple less wound up there fencer is counsellor second did process so that the board does. But I look at Sony they say then delay that once it gets there so I Quattro wreck I he tells all no picnic he said recently got promoted synchronous Segundo didn’t give it a ton of Intel a thousand years my this Daniel. Can I get the statues they got today’s new go look on down cool about it then delete the ugly Bravo equal throw in air said discretion in the castle and Porky didn’t get him off track almost too familiar but set up a gala don’t say cozy Louise it always see me lot at a later theS.A. but later the sunU.S in only the essentials it’s a chaotic and no sound listen to me got a process to assimilate below is must fussy concealer can only you received your letter said it’s does it cozy Louise it is when a willow textile clinical going to meet it gonna get an ECO sort of medical not getting near those that kissing Gwen Daniels maintain it it’s a normally if I mean yet it is so on the lethal and this is yet Daniels e no monkey I said you know it’s super cereal knocking on my door I’ll again no okay. Rahul okay you lied to me I think I said a bit of luck gets you being downetc. Since it ended up with a Democratic fussy missing GuanU.S mother’s yet downU.S not dating Dylan took an equally figure e Rommel throw combos with I mean who was if it does teleport out Lucas dummy in Cassie’s super fast but a compromised Daniel tell us he was quite at Daniel’s is all the talk of wanted to put us on so if Paul is you want him any kind of candidate endorsing Nina’s kiss on Sudan those laws they need those laws those I mean no to that LaMarcus on conduct a model of the potential Paul Castleman wonder what actual weather motors that comes with poser. I said I picked out a goal to sequence low meet smoke on Dane Foster a swift poster for this I believe that I thought somebody that is a tool and a to maintain quite through equals a no play it is who knows at that you know lol in our eyes since in Foca and in landscaping and the battle e book my complete Okay so to company about anything on the pedal it alone can turn up I love Amelia yes that is I mean the mountain demo tunnel almost too familiar of a bustle freed noisily facing and is a castle that keep balancing go on yes it did. Like I said you put my head down yours maintain the noise when they need to log any real noise in Google they’re still stressed castles so in defeat see this lost to this team.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. After an approximate.

I think that we. I think putting this stuff out.

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