We are removing hundreds of thousands of people who pose no threat to our communities and are destroying families, ever year. Too many New Jersey immigrants are caught in this net. While fundamental changes to the immigration system can only be done through reform of our laws, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can immediately act to protect families and ensure that enforcement practices satisfy due process, equal rights, and human dignity. There are six things that DHS can do today to reduce the number of New Jersey families destroyed through deportations, here is the fifth in this series:


ICE should restrict and reform its partnerships with local law enforcement—like civil immigration detainer and Secure Communities upon which these programs rely—which compromise public safety, undermine trust in law enforcement, and lack transparency. Each year, ICE issues hundreds of thousands of detainer requests to hold people in jail, sweeping in U.S. citizens, long-time lawful residents, and even juveniles. Many sheriffs and police chiefs oppose ICE’s use of detainers. They are often placed on people who are not enforcement priorities. Detainers also raise serious constitutional concerns because they are not reviewed by a judge, are not supported by probable cause, and provide inadequate notice, undermining the core American values of due process and civil liberty. These concerns are amplified by the sheer number of detainers issued—over 400,000 in the last two years. DHS should return to the prior practice of issuing detainers to request notification only. If you or a loved is in immigration custody time is of the essence. Call 888-695-6169 to speak to our knowledgeable staff today.