What is 39:3-10a driving with an expired license in NJ?

///What is 39:3-10a driving with an expired license in NJ?
New Jersey Statute 39:3-10 is broken down into two section.  Part A driving with an expired driver’s license and Part B never having had a license.  If you ever had a valid license anywhere in the U.S. you should never be convicted of 39:3-10b.  If you don’t have an attorney, or have one that doesn’t know any better, you will get an 180 days loss of license.  Now some Judges will give you grief over a valid license from another state, if they believe you have lived in New Jersey for over 60 days.  Those facts satisfy a different violation, touring privileges 39:3-17.1, but that charge also doesn’t result in a suspension of your driver’s license.You face a maximum fine of $541, possible surcharge of $100 for three years, 15 days in jail, but NO loss of license (or the opportunity to get a license) for 180 days. The more often you are convicted of this charge the more likely you will go to jail.

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