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If you have read my blog, you know that I have been predicting that Obama will grant Deferred Action to another category of undocumented immigrants for months.  Specifically, I have argued that the will likely extend this program to the parents of U.S. citizens.  Although, I wish he would do more I don’t see the President stopping the potential deportations of more than a third of all the undocumented immigrants.  News reports are now saying that it could happen this month, but certainly before the end of the year.There is discussion of 4-5 million people who will be able to apply.  Don’t wait to get started.  Last year, I wrote a book, “7 Secrets to Successfully Prepare for Immigration Reform,” after the Senate passed its Bi-partisan bill S.744 for comprehensive immigration reform. Although, the bill went now where, this book is equally valid today.  

You don’t want to wait to get your documents.  This will take preparation, which takes time.  You want to apply as soon as possible.  You want your application to be reviewed first.  To do that, you need to start today.  Follow these Seven Secrets to Success:

  1. Order your criminal background and get a certified disposition for each crime;
  2. Order your driver’s abstract and get a certified disposition for each violation;
  3. Get letters of support from U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents that speak to your good moral character;
  4. Get your family identity documents for your entire immediate family, like birth certificates and passports;
  5. Prepare proof of when you entered the U.S., and for every month you have been in the U.S. since then;
  6. Pay any back taxes or child support amounts that you owe; and
  7. Make sure you have your documents reviewed by a qualified immigration attorney before you apply for any immigration benefit.

In my book, I explain why each of all of these is necessary.  Trust me, once this program is announced, it will be hard to get an appointment with an immigration attorney.  Start today.  Be Prepared.  Be first to apply for this upcoming program.  

You can order our book here.  If you are ready to speak to our knowledgeable staff call 888-695-6169, fill out the contact form, or select the live chat feature.  

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