The service as well as the communication with Comcast Cable was terrible. The whole Comcast Experience began when I recieved a Self-Starter Kit for a new modem/router in the mail. It rrequires about 20 or 30 minutes of your time in order to set it up. In my case the process lasted about 3 hours. After the three hours it wasnt functioning. I then decided it would be time to call the activation hotline. I found myself waiting much longer to get help. I had to deal with an automated system, representatives and eventually a supervisior who had no idea what was occuring. After all the frustration and stress that I had gone through, it wasnt until then they decided to send a techinican to set everything up. Now with that kind of experience do you think I will recommend Comcast Cable?
It was obvious that Comcast didn’t care about the service I received they were more concerned in the cost of sending over a techinican. On the other hand we do care about how you feel, your times matters, and your experience here at Andres Mejer & Associates is important to us. We hope that your attorney never gives you a Comcast Experience!