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Let’s be clear about the impact of this bill on American and foreign workers: We need important reforms to modernize the legal immigration system so that our future flow of workers is manageable, traceable, fair to American workers, and in line with our economy’s needs. The modernization of our visa programs will ensure people who want to come legally – and who our economy needs to come legally – can do so.  In certain industries, there will always be a need for foreign labor, and we should make sure that need can be met legally.  The security triggers will prevent the future flow of illegal immigration. The situation today works for no one, especially the middle class.  It allows unscrupulous businesses to hire undocumented workers and pay them less, diminishing job opportunities for Americans.  It punishes middle-class business owners who end up paying fines when they discover workers they hired are here illegally because a workable employment verification system does not exist.  It punishes middle-class Americans who have loved ones waiting in line to come the right way, but our immigration system has them in limbo.