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Wouldnt you want to live without fear? Wouldnt you want to obtain the job you’ve always wanted. Do you want to go to college? Would you want to own a home? Without legal status it becomes very difficult to accomplish all of these things.

I know what it feels like due to the fact that my family and I were undocumented for almost a decade. Almost everyone that enters my office is an immigrant. My name is Andres Mejer, I’m a New Jersey immigration attorney. Im here to assist you in obtaining the life of your dreams.

First, it is imperative to determine whether you qualify for legal status today. If you qualify, I have the resources to help you efficiently. If you are not eligible at the moment we will help you prevent facing the nightmare known as deportation.

We offer you a free analysis in order to determine whether you qualify. It will only take couple of minutes, answer some of our questions and you will find out where you stand. After receiving our free analysis, if you want to meet with me I’ll be glad to explain the process to you. So, fill out the form to get started on living without fear.