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Immigration Courts need more judgesOne of the largest problems facing the immigration system to day is the overwhelming backlog of cases in the court system. Our court system is facing an unprecedented amount of cases.  President Obama has put more people in removal proceedings (deportation) than Presidents Clinton and Bush combined. As a result many of these cases sit in the system for years before being given a resolution.  One obvious choice is hire more judges.

How many cases are there in New Jersey?

Over the last ten years immigration courts are hearing 146% more cases. In 2015 there are 453,948 cases currently being processed, with the average case time 627 days.  This means that some people are waiting almost 2 years for their case to be resolved.  In New Jersey there are over 25,000 cases pending and only four judges hearing them.  I have clients with court dates in 2019.  That means waiting over four years for a hearing.  Those aren’t event even trial dates!  More judges would mean that cases would move faster to adjudication.

What does the backlog mean for Judges

This backlog also puts more pressure on the judges.  The judges are working around the clock on cases, and as a result the integrity of their work may be compromised.  They are pressured to move cases.  There calendars are fully loaded and the amount of time they can give to any individual case is unfortunately limited.  If you add some more judges cases can get more personal attention.

For some foreign nationals who are in removal proceedings and don’t qualify for relief, the backlog means more time in the U.S. before judgment day.  For many who qualify for relief, the waiting time is torture.  They qualify for some form of relief, but are stuck in a disfunctional court system. Hiring more judges and support staff would go a long way to solving the current problems.

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