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In order to have a restraining order finalized, the victim must attend a court hearing. This is not a choice, and it is mandatory for him or her to attend.  If the victim has a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and doesn’t attend, the case may be dismissed.  To get the matter reopened the victim will need to have a very good reason for why he or she failed to attend.

If you are the alleged abuser and don’t attend the court hearing, you will have lost your opportunity to argue why a Final Restraining Order isn’t appropriate.  You have a constitutional right to fight your accuser.  Put another way, your appearance is necessary to ensure the process is fair.  A restraining order has consequences and will forcefully affect your life.  The purpose of you having to appear in court is not to make the process more difficult for you; it is to make sure that you aren’t unfairly forced to uproot your life.

Keep in mind that if the abuser is a close family relative and you are an immigrant you may qualify for a green card under the Violence Against Women’s Act.  Otherwise, you may qualify for legal status under the U-Visa.

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