How is this Immigratoin Bill different from President Reagan’s 1986 amnesty?

////How is this Immigratoin Bill different from President Reagan’s 1986 amnesty?
The 1986 amnesty was just that – an amnesty.  It created a special path to citizenship without enforcing security laws and without important reforms to modernize the legal immigration system so that our future flow of foreign workers would be manageable, traceable and in line with our economy’s needs.  This bill contains the toughest border security and enforcement measures in American history that will deter future illegal immigration.  The modernization of our visa programs will ensure people who want to come legally – and who our economy needs to come legally – can do so.  And it ensures that no one can work and earn a living here unless they have legal status as verified through an employment verification system.  Nothing even close to resembling this bill’s triggers was in the 1986 bill or in subsequent legislation. The 1986 bill also called for more border security funding without any guarantee the funding would actually happen.  That is not the case in this bill, which triggers development, funding and deployment of a border security plan before any undocumented immigrant can start applying for temporary status. Lastly, the 1986 law called for security requirements that didn’t have a realistic way of being enforced because the technologies weren’t available.  That is not the case today.


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