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During a television appearance on Monday July, 13, 2015, Governor Christie was asked to respond to the racist comments that republican candidate Donald Trump made. His response shocked the members of the audience, as he refused to say much about them at all. Many felt as though this would be the perfect opportunity to take a shot at one of the front-runners in the republican primary, but Christie instead said, What we should be talking about are all the significant problems we have in this country. When the host continued asking Christie about these comments, he began to get rather upset, saying things such as enough, we’ve answered all the questions, and That’s now the 15th time I’ve said it and it’s going to be the last time I said it. So what does this appearance mean for Governor Christie’s presidential dreams? On the one hand, he passed on an opportunity to attack the man who is currently coming in second in many of the republican polls. But then again, he showed that he is not concerned with discussing things that, well, are irrelevant. There is no question that Trump’s comments were hurtful and unnecessary, but they were said. No one can change the fact that those words were stated on television, and the media continues to focus on it. In fact, many of the third tier candidates could only get media attention if they talk about Trump. Christie was saying enough already, let’s focus on the issues not on individuals like Trump. Rather than being a stereotypical politician and running smear campaigns, Christie showed that he is the bigger man, no pun intended. While only time will tell whether or not this was a smart move for Christie, it probably wasn’t, and I can understand his frustration and desire to change the focus of the political discourse. Let’s get back to talking about the issues and how to solve the very real problems that we as society face.Free Resources Available for YouIf you face an immigration challenge we have some valuable resources for you:

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  4. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court Here I discuss what happens if you get arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement, what you need to know to get out of custody, and what to expect if you are placed in removal hearings. I also explain the municipal court process and how a municipal court matter can result in your being placed into removal proceedings.

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