Andres Mejer discusses the use of humanitarian parole as a means to help a deported

New Jersey Immigration Lawyer Supports Father’s Plea for Help from President

The father of a Keansburg girl allegedly killed by her 18-year-old neighbor is pleading with President Donald Trump to be allowed to attend his daughter’s funeral.

Kenroy Smith was deported from the United States 16 years ago due to a drug charge. He now lives in Jamaica and has been having difficulty obtaining a visa in order to return to New Jersey for his daughter Abbiegail Smith’s funeral.

“My dear little Abbiegail was taken away from me and I want to pay my last respects,” Smith said in a tearful video directed to the president. “Please, I’m asking you.”

Abbiegail, 11, was reported missing earlier this month and found a day later. She was allegedly stabbed to death by Andreas Erazo who lived in the apartment above the Abbiegail and her mother.

The outpouring from the community has been massive and many neighbors says that they believe the father should be allowed to pay his respects in person.

“That’s his daughter and now he’ll never see her again,” says one neighbor. He should be able to at least bury his daughter.”

Time is running out for Smith as Abbiegail is scheduled to be laid to rest Monday. Abbiegail’s sister, who also lives in Jamaica, is also having trouble obtaining clearance to enter the U.S.

Immigration attorney Andres Meyer says that entrance may be possible.

“The most obvious is humanitarian parole. That’s where you apply to the Department of State to say for extenuating circumstances, ‘Please allow me to come back into the U.S.”

Smith says that he is holding out hope.

“Because I know [President Trump] is a loving president and he would do the best for us, I thank you sir,” Smith said.

Abbiegail’s funeral Mass is scheduled for Monday at St. Ann’s Church in Keansburg.