Democrats got Shellacked on November 4, but will anything change?

///Democrats got Shellacked on November 4, but will anything change?
On November 4, 2014, the Democrats got shellacked, that’s a legalese for a severe beating.  The balance of power has shifted and the Republicans will be the majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  In the Senate, the Republicans now have 52 seats to the Democrats 46 with two races still undetermined. In the House, the Republicans are up 244 to 184.  We now have a further divided government, with a Democratic President and a Republican Congress.

Exit polls show that only 31% think the country is going in the right direction.  While 78% percent of those polled are worried about the economy.  The only thing voters disapprove of more than the President, with 41% disapproval rating, is Congress at a whopping 80%.  That means 8 out of 10 voters polled are unhappy with Congress.  But what does this all mean for the country?

The unfortunate reality is not much will change unless both parties start working together.  Sure, Republicans can now pass legislation through both houses, but in order for bills to become law they must be signed by the President.  In other words, for Republicans to actually govern they must compromise with the President.  Neither party has shown willingness to compromise.

Our country faces significant challenges, from the economy, free trade issues, healthcare, infrastructure needs, turmoil in the Middle East, to tax and immigration reform.  These challenges aren’t new and neither party has shown a willingness to make the tough choices, together.  Given the unpopularity of Congress, if the Republicans want to stay in power, they will have to work with the President to get something done.  Otherwise, it will be two more years of the same. It is hard to get people to vote, when election after election little changes.

When our “leaders” face our challenges, we all win.  Let’s hope that our “leaders” can learn to act less like spoiled children and more like statesmen. Republicans have an opportunity to lead, rather than complain; to act decisively instead of scoring political points.  It is time we move beyond Republicans vs. Democrats and remember we are Americans first.  Let’s hope Republicans got the message that Americans want solutions, not petty disagreements and independent commissions.


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