DACA Crime Stats for the Past 7 Years

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been around for seven years. USCIS just released stats on criminal arrests for DACA recipients. Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer reviews these numbers in this video.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer :Are immigrants, criminals? Here’s an analysis of DACA approvals and denials. So look, darker start in 2012. We’re now in 2019. Seven years later, September 5th, 2017, Trump tried to end it. And it’s been there’s been litigation with Supreme Court. There was argument November 12th. We anticipate a decision at some point in 2020. Now. There was eight hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred eighteen DACA applicants. Of those, seven hundred sixty five thousand one hundred and sixty six were approved of those of the denials. That’s, you know, about ninety thousand ish. 10 percent were denied. With arrests. So that’s seven. Nine thousand three hundred and ninety eight. So it’s fair to say that most of the denials were because of arrests. But understand, arrest just means contact with law enforcement. Could be immigration, could be a police. Does it mean that you were charged with a crime? Does it mean you were convicted of a crime? It just means you had contact. Now of. So of the seven hundred sixty five thousand that were. I’m sorry. Of the eight hundred eighty eight thousand that were applied. Seventy nine thousand were denied and had an arrest. At least one Now of the docket. Denials or terminations. Terminations where USCIS says we’re we’re terminating your DACA for x reason. Now seventy seven thousand eight hundred thirty three also had arrests. Now. The number of denied or terminated because of arrest was thirty thousand, which is about thirty eight percent of all denials or terminations. Now let’s back this up. Eight. Oh, about eight or nine thousand applicants, seven or sixty five thousand approvals. Of those that were denied initially or denied a renewal or just terminated, seventy seven thousand had an arrest. Now of those that were denied.

Andres Mejer :With an arrest.

Andres Mejer :Twenty eight thousand low because of a prior arrest, only five thousand of later arrests. What does that mean? You have DACA, then you’re arrested. You get fingerprinted when you renewal and you get denied because of the arrest. Now, here’s the interesting part. The number one cause of arrests for DACA denials was DUI’s. Ten thousand of them number one cause, but it doesn’t mean that they’re all criminals again. Eight hundred eighty eight thousand applicants, seven hundred sixty five thousand approval. Ten thousand cases with DUI. It was a small numbers in comparison. Only 10 percent, ten point thirty eight percent, to be precise, were denied because of arrests. So these were in the DACA world. Are they criminals? No. Are some not even because that’s an arrest. That doesn’t mean a conviction, doesn’t mean serious crime or otherwise. That’s just contact with law enforcement. So I’m Andres Mejer. Thank you for joining us on Para Ser Legal, To Be Legal, the English version, if you have any questions, do you have any comments, please posted below? Subscribe to our channel and I look forward to talking to you next week.