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Will Paris attacks change U.S. immigration policyIn the aftermath of the deadly attacks that happen in Paris, France last week a lot of people are frightened. No one expected a beautiful and peaceful city such as Paris to be attacked, and fewer people understood the true reason behind the attacks. Many members of the international community are trying to say that the reason for the Paris attacks was the large volume of Syrian refugees in the city. However, in the statement ISIS released claiming responsibility for the bombings of Paris, the Syrian refugees are never mentioned. In fact, ISIS explicitly states that they targeted France because parts of its culture violated the beliefs of ISIS.

Some Governors don’t want to accept Syrian Refugees

Unfortunately, members of the American political system are using these attacks to highlight America’s need for heightened immigration security, while also claiming that the acceptance of Syrian refugees would be a death wish. Many Republican governors have stated that they will not allow Syrian refugees to enter their state, and many republican members of Congress have said that they will attempt to foil President Obama’s plans to bring 10,000 Syrian Refugees into the United States. Additionally, many members of Congress are pointing out the fact that the people who carried out the attacks in Paris were able to integrate into society fairly well prior to the attacks, and that we need to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen on American soil.

Some politicians are using terrorism to imit immigration

As a result, many of those in America and other nations hoping to become citizens of the United States are worried that they may lose that opportunity in the near future. There are steps that you can take today to ensure that your right to immigrate is not taken away. At this time, there is no concerted effort to reform our immigration laws. The last one failed in June of 2013 when the House of Representatives refused to discuss the issue. There is no imminent bill that will take away any rights you presently have. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen at some point in the future.

The Safe and Secure Program is the best way to protect your family

For that reason it is imperative that you not wait. Find out if you qualify for U.S. legal status today. If you qualify start the process today to achieve that legal status. The immigration court system is currently backlogged, as is the processing system for a large portion of the petitions filed with immigration. As a result, if you wait any longer to apply your application may be held for an extended time. I would recommend that you take advantage of every opportunity available, and ensure the safe and legal immigration of yourself and your family. One such opportunity you have is our SAFE and SECURE program. This program allows those living in the area to take the steps necessary to ensure the safety and legal rights of their family. This program is actually made up of two programs, the SAFE program and the SECURE program. The SAFE program is meant to protect you in any situation that falls within our practice areas, such as a DUI stop or a criminal matter. You are provided with an I.D. card that, when presented to an officer, informs them that you are legally represented and refuse to answer any questions without your attorney present. It also highlights several of your other rights in order to ensure that police or ICE operatives do not violate your rights. The SECURE program takes this a step further, in case of immigration detention. The purpose of this program is to make sure that in the event immigration officers ever detain you, we are ready to get you out as fast as possible. By being ready, your family knows what to do, they already have the documents needed to get you out, and in some cases already paid for the legal fees to get you out. There are 3 simple steps

  1. We will evaluate your immigration options
  2. We will educate you about the process
  3. We will make sure your family is prepared for either reform or ICE custody

SAFE and SECURE is our way to help you sleep at night. To get started,

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Refusing to accept Syrian Refugees isn’t the answer

The loss of one’s ability to immigrate to the United States is frightening; there is no question about that. The recent attacks in Paris only amplify these fears, as many nations are starting to close off their borders as a result. While many believe the migration of Syrian refugees is to blame for recent attacks, the world is still accepting Syrian refugees. Refusing to allow Syrian refugees into the nation is not the answer to our nation’s immigration issues. The attacks in Paris should not change our immigration priorities. Of course, screen any refugees that come to the U.S. What isn’t being discussed in the media is the extensive process that is already in place to screen refugees. It is the most extensive of any immigration process and already takes 18 to 24 months. I don’t know that there is anything more we can do to screen Syrian refugees that we aren’t already doing to Iraqi and Afghan refugees, for example. They come from the same part of the world, facing the same type of challenges. It is easy to give way to fear. It is easy to just close our borders and say no more. But this is America. Since when do we favor fear over what’s right? Since when do we favor political opportunism over human lives? The Syrian refugee crisis, should be a non-issue in terms of policy. Vet them. Evaluate them. But let them come into the U.S. The real issue should be changing the situation in the Middle East so that there aren’t any refugees.