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New Jersey Immigration Lawyer Discusses Changes in TPS

Carmen Molina Tamacas / – NY. Tania Molina is a Honduran who has lived in New York TPS Changessince 1994 and covered the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) in 1998. She says she is very careful with her procedures and has never turned to a lawyer to fill out the forms and request the renewal of their status, because she does them herself.

Like Tania, his compatriots are in suspense because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) only renewed the legal stay permit for six months, until July 5, 2018, and could face the same fate as the Haitians and Salvadorans for whom cancellation has already been announced.

Molina completed the preparation of his package of documents over the weekend (the re-registration deadline expires on February 13, 2018) and he noticed that he found several changes in the forms, especially in I-765, which corresponds to the work permit, and the I-821, the application for the TPS.

Image of the first page of form I-765 (work permit application) that includes new questions related to the Social Security number. Image
Regarding I-765, the first part includes two new questions related to the Social Security Number: 10. Do you want the SSA to issue you a Social Security card? 11. Disclosure Consent: I authorize the disclosure of this application to the SSA as required for the purpose of assigning an SSN and issuing a Social Security card Yes  ⃣  No  ⃣.

The Honduran Garifuna woman said she answered “No” because she already has a Social Security number. “As it is something very detailed it is good that people get advice with a lawyer before making a mistake,” he said.

When asked about this, Nevada immigration attorney Kathia Pereira explained that the Social Security questions are intended to make the process faster for the Immigration Service to notify the Social Security Department of the need to issue a new one. social Security number. “This will make the process of receiving the Social Security number faster,” he said. “In addition, it will help to avoid duplicating the process in the case of people who already have one who for any other reason.”

He added that Social Security is “a unique number that dies with the person and you can only have one. The number usually can not be changed unless there is an extreme situation, “said the lawyer.

The form I-821 for the TPS – valid until July 5, 2018 – has several changes, such as requesting the interpreter’s information, if the interested party requested this service, data of the person who filled the forms and an expanded section for additional information.

The costs of the reregistration to the TPS are: $ 410 for the work permit and $ 85 for the collection of biometric data (for over 14 years). Those who apply for the first time must pay $ 50.

Regarding the validity of Form I-821, USCIS informed that as of December 30, 2017, they will only accept the updated edition of October 19, 2017.

The also immigration lawyer, Andrés Mejer, reiterated that the changes in the forms are not relevant, “are rather routine and benefit the immigrant; It is something that has changed in each application process. They do not want the immigrant to assume confusion when filling out the form, “he said.