Case Results

We helped Ms. Libia obtain legal status

Ms. Libia B married a man that was extremely older in age. Mr. Francisco filed for Libia's adjustment on March 5, 2012. Now, the application became difficult due to the age difference. Immigration had doubts that [...]

Mr. Mora won custody of his youngest child

Mr. Mora's wife had abandoned him with his three children. Mr. Mora was a single parent and maintained a full time job. After some time his ex girlfriend decided she wanted custody of the youngest [...]

Gilberto gets low bond when ICE wanted him jailed

Gilberto hired Andres Mejer Law first to defend him in a traffic violation.  After meeting him it became clear that he qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) under the 2012 Executive Order.  When [...]