Can immigration reform really create jobs? Yes. Historically, education has been one of our society’s greatest assets. Immigrants are motivated. They, or their parents, know what they left behind. So they work, hard. They teach their kids the importance of work and education. Youth then becomes tomorrow’s bilingual professionals. They can help their communities. For example,

  • They will add to the healthcare industry as doctors, psychologists, dentists, nurses, and technicians;
  • They can join the legal industry as attorneys, paralegals, clerks, and secretaries;
  • They can become teachers, aides, social workers to help needy families who not only speak Spanish but understand the culture;
  • They can open more restaurants that cater to their culture and the American palate that enjoys authentic Hispanic or Latin cuisine.
  • They can become insurance agents, bank presidents, and auto dealers; and
  • They can study in the church, becoming ministers, pastors, and priests.

These are just a few of the many ways that legal immigrants can help their own communities once they are allowed to. These are positions available today, to those who qualify. I am a naturalized citizen from Santiago, Chile. When I arrived here, there was no ESL in schools and no bilingual choices on signs or on the phones. Although I spoke two other languages beside English, by not speaking English I stood out. Today my language skills allow me to help people overcome legal challenges. I was given the opportunity to get an education. Because of that, I am now helping others who have not had that chance. I am one person. Imagine what millions throughout the country could do? What would happen if the undocumented immigrants became legal residents? If they then got an education and were better able to help others? We have welcomed people searching for religious freedom and fleeing from oppressions all looking for a place to call home. Why is it so hard to legislatively help the largest group of immigrants who WANT to stay here? Isn’t it possible they can contribute to society? Think about it. What if it was your friend or relative?