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You can't change your DUI court locationMany people wonder whether or not they can get their court appearance moved to a courthouse in their home state or city but unfortunately you cannot.  If you are arrested for a DUI, you must attend your court date in the state in which you were arrested.  While this can be an inconvenience, every state has its own DUI laws, and the judges in that state are specifically trained in those laws.

The same rule applies to moving your location between cities.  What this means is that if you were to be arrested for a DUI in West Long Branch, you must appear in court in West Long Branch.  Your location cannot be moved.  Every municipality in New Jersey has its own Court, Judge, Prosecutory, and Police Officers.  If you drove through a town and got cited for a violation you can go back to that court to defend the charges.

Free Resources for you

Before you go to court for your DUI, you need to know what to expect.  Click the link and get a free copy of the resources I have prepared for you.  

  1. Arrested for Drunk Driving?  Learn how to Beat the Odds – Don’t go to court without knowing what to expect.  Learn defense strategies, mistakes I see others making, and what questions to ask before hiring your attorney.
  2. Why Pleading Guilty to Your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is NOT an Option – Learn about the court process.
  3. An Immigrant’s Guide to Municipal Court.  If you are not a U.S. citizen your DUI can result in immigration consequences. Find out how.

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