Tip of the Week #2

For this week’s immigration tip of the week (TOTW), we’ll answer a recently asked question regarding your immigration interview: Could you bring your child to your USCIS interview? We’ve created a few videos giving tips for interviews at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. We’ll answer this question because it’s one that many of our clients and others have.

Sometimes, bringing a child to an interview at USCIS can help your case. If you have a child with your spouse, and you’ve applied for a green card by marriage, it may help show the officer that you have a solid, strong relationship.

However, taking care of a child may take your attention away from the officer and the process. If you have many children, who are acting as children do, and stressing you (and others) out, that may not be the best choice.

Interviews typically don’t take very long, but the wait time is. It’s a room without anything to entertain your child. They may get fussy, hungry, or bored. You aren’t usually allowed to have any electronics in USCIS, so you can’t bring a cell phone or tablet for them to play on. In addition, your interview may also be recorded, and having an agitated child might impact that recording.

If you have to bring your child, bring a family member with you who can sit with your children while you are in your interview, if that’s possible. If you’re in need of legal assistance for your immigration process, our experienced immigration attorney and provide you with the legal help you need. Contact us at Andres Mejer Law today to schedule a free consultation!