Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls after an amazing showing in the debate

///Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls after an amazing showing in the debate
October 13th brought us the first Democratic presidential debate, and we saw great performances from the candidates, primarily the two front-runners in the race, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

What was discussed in the first Democratic debate?

Four main topics were discussed, and all of the candidates had something to say about each topic.  Comprehensive immigration reform, health care for undocumented immigrants, education for young undocumented immigrants, and executive action were the four main topics, and the candidates answers tended to paint an amazing picture of the difference between Democratic candidates and Republican candidates. The Democratic responses tended to be much more understanding and supportive of the immigrant community, whereas the Republican responses tend to be rather abrasive.

Who won the first Democratic debate?

However, as with every debate, there can only be one true winner.  It came down of course to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and there is actually some debate as to who won.  CNN, who hosted the debate, has stated that they feel Hillary Clinton won the debate, but their own poll showed that 81% of Americans felt that Bernie Sanders won.  In my opinion, the American people are correct, and Bernie Sanders gave the best performance at Tuesday’s debate.  He had very distinct and refined answers, and he did a very strong job of diversifying himself from the field.  Many who have kept an eye on the Democratic nomination have said that Sanders will have a very hard time surpassing Clinton in the polls, and while they may be right as of now, Senator Sanders made great strides during this debate and it will be interesting to see if he can continue to develop.

The other candidates, are even more irrelevant than they were before the debate.

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