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You have Constitutional Rights even if you are undocumented

Some people will call you illegal, which is not an accurate term since you could have simply overstayed a visa.  Generally speaking you have the same constitutional rights in the U.S. as a U..S. citize.  Here are some examples of common rights:

  1. The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution provides American citizens with the right against unreasonable search and seizure, and you get this right too.  That means the police can’t randomly pull your over, search you when you are walking down the street, or enter your home.
  2. You have the same right to the use of American Courts to resolve your disputes.  That may be for divorce, child support, child custody or any civil dispute.  You can file a complaint in our courts in order to ask that  a Judge or Jury resolve it.
  3. If you are injured in a workplace accident or in an automobile, you have the right to seek compensation for your injury.
  4. On other hand, if you are disabieled and are undocumented you coudln’t file for disablity whereas a U.S. citizen might be able to.

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