Andres Mejer explica qué debe hacer si usted es detenido o interrogado por un oficial. 08-20-18

Mis Experiencias de Inmigración 08-20-2018

En este episodio:

El abogado de inmigración Andres Mejer discute problemas de inmigración comunes y cómo resolverlos en su programa de radio semanal en vivo. En este programa de radio el abogado Andres Mejer discutirá sobre cómo puedes obtener ciudadanía para su hijo(a). Tambien podras saber las importantes reglas sobre sus derechos y que puede pasar si no sigue estas simple reglas.


Yeah no I get that. All right I’ll make it so that I can give you that perfect for you. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. What are you saying I don’t like working with it so you’re not going to conservative message. So let me go the other end. You want him into Maryland. No I don’t want to give you everything because I know that’s affecting your brain matter what happens after another. Okay okay okay. But it’s a little easier. I meant it but.

But I did not. You know amigos that did they put up documents is pathetic. Don’t say I. I will not win on anemia. See I could see Emma swap either is but set up a quote through onU.S suits lost by this song see why not. I’m Eddie Canales. E. Trump. They put that mankind is in a book or an equal good lobby into two super pilots and see only so many kind of support. Yet not quite true annuals poor KAY LOGAN an airport that puts a gate to keep us all medical medical visitor Kate Ellis. Between what I mean a medical issue a poser Amy fully grown up in organ don’t mean to say that IBC died you you are legally present Dawn. NINA If we abandon our can as you’re on say the US and as you put it down as he put the you that put book at the temple we’re not saying I’m what I am conquering convention yin yang persona and persistent but if I looked at love for Mount Ford my mentee its ultimate three tangles in a blizzard I mean yes he’s yet it that on the intel tells me Mosconi it only the enemy so damn more auto annual mass I E near the end trackable to death to let you visa to return for Quatro sync commences a lie low a bit like a linear Cartagena cuatro onU.S into a lot else mules consul’s palace to spy this aptly got on buddy yuk almost weaker e commandos the minister landing gear on a petition you don’t get to cassette EDC under the I will stop what I call Suskind demos Pookie you know Vilas documents you’ll know Oh a million will operate buddy you’re not sick while it’s in moldy will put I’ll give you know late airport door lucky to the airport that a normal mentally ill process or the adoption safety net lease a lot also needs CCF nearly said not also needles you’re going to see way less you already had relative I meant it’s simply a key largo opportunity so and people don’t say I’ve been to the yours you’ll see a medic I know you’re totally kind of put up but I mean you call Yumiko I nor do they mean to anonymous me quicker than 30000 years it’s a petition by step approach other grain at the moment is simply aluminum I look like house I said in an miserably cold more they need doors or C intro and disease some somebody puzzles with DRM for making a let me know if there’s onions we aren’t a complete Quattro not in Italy toss new guy in thirty thousand years until a new come into Europe I don’t know if it is you know is look equal Porky in Vienna no late than you’re gonna let BTC on Elaine needs process or then they put us on air so it was a lot build it to be this gifted C stem idle young light when you know you mean I don’t look at anyone got eyes on me I mean this is an relay there it always kind of puts on us a new Middle East come on put in gold but I must report that our into a lot a lot else in the US no matter how people perceive it seem logical seemed to be sad scene that said this can see on the point that Bulldog you gotta go guys to your money.

I mean yeah don’t get near zero new york where I work for no particular manager of your future I will sorry my sister graphics guys expect me to come and get them on my automatically Yeah come on man you’re not better by this I mean they’re making their living here by this I mean you’re a good guy. No contextually no really important. I mean you think logo. Do you think Bill Clinton get them in for victims my. The abuse of sex while the traffic a traffic out on the left I also need those for evil e not to moan annual. The new order that puts you on applicable a visa or I’ll finish the Amazon now. They take us on this does it. It was set up a while up at all illegalV.A. not paying your guy they leave it when they kill an unknown applicants will kill one another. No. No.

The time I got early will not be here. Don’t you mean our food. We must they let him you see all the immigrants the ice come or sit there. It’s kind of those say minus got a Miss Nancy she had an EAD but put on video. What’s the threat. This is Lady Killer Kinski. You gotta be kidding ticket. But I think the sellers who buy he’s got a little better. Keep in mind is this. Look it up is underway. Easy to say. Look at me. Look at the nickel Chandler at the program. Let’s see second one of course that a guinea King for Monday Tuesday. Two dealers will come coming. Latinas campus alum are prone to possibly see naughtiness one coming on a window to indicate that it but other income will keep me going until I got it. You all vehemently. No I got an idea but lone killer legal McGuinness insists he does include notorious DiMasi although the maintenance he added can get a political deal to keep the mandate calm yet nor is it much more apparent. But I said but it was sealed up and I knew the guy needed him when a player in the pocket at the airport did not tell you that. You think I’ll clear this out a key key that I thought on the part I had not been there in to authorize la policia. You got a lot of thought at all. Yeah with daily temperatures that put us on a lockout goes by again not seen do that. But most importantly eliminate it. SCOTT WAS BETTER YET TIME AND I MEAN THAT’S WHAT I MEANT TO SAY.

WHAT ABOUT WHERE YOU LIVE. What are you saying. Keene’s having to me go at it in total but I Apple as a leader although I thought E might probably why they’re not paid off.

This is the now. I got that and didn’t get a yard like who did it. Neither does it but others who are familiar. Yeah I can see little thoughMrs. McKinney don’t say so. He basically said mass and to kill Sally solo put that out there said look at all the video editorial that I did but Brad Lapin here in three thousand three amigos if I mean. Meaning that I don’t think winter is a wound or anything.

Okay okay. I think there are any but if my quartermaster Look I’m not going to take that aqueduct and therefore basically go back and look for motorists at any point we’re going to go.

He said to pick you up for you. I mean you’re not a very good point to remember from your urban birthday which I think I can go to. I don’t know anything you know but it it worth it if they weren’t 76 year old daughter Emily Bourke reports anything coming from members who came of the moon with their money for the of their lives in New York where I got caught up in the first term of a permanent record altogether.

Don’t say it yet. I know we’re putting those into our lab Leslie Mann up outside our lab with the low criminal threats. What does that add to food salience here. See you about the documents. The lot also need you know kind of got to be supportive. You know you’re right. Documents filed inside a low perimeter thinnest gavel almost the same under FISA she looked get an acquittal and they went up when you Facebook Live 8 8 in a video or out at Alamo school not proxy more trees or taller and worse. You got more say so that most new middle quite yet to a lucky man you don’t like it. Where they went that they like all team of its gear passer in Lassie to us you only see only me. A one off Shalala policy. A HEMPEL Well you see I mean bottom not nothing got me but support did not Tingle the Kundu seed nothing good. No not all kind of gun documents in CMU because you though you know if I told you what could happen in this hall here is when I’m Eagle meal.

If we masala I left secondary a whole to eat the way I allow Cornelia Cathy the Erskine Daniels and Bill boarders I could get the program I put it simply so soon nobody put it in and is a normally keep your voice one quiet it I mean it you know I’ve been cynical too long you may be a maximum green card I look at say but I mean it’s you don’t know but I know I do that too but three a bit but I mean you say well you’re okay okay get it it’s Leo Fernandez elemental out up your thing clientele what a day so I saw Peter Lewis So Kip I saw a lap around in honor in one easy body that the old Numero Fowler So lady you don’t carry was one I wonder what I’d show you yourself and orthodox you don’t even know trust you Dad look look but I don’t do your own number these things took out our illegal one on my year commitment but I’m not all dimple no way I can see the way they had me sing your ticket you do it. Don’t say this place tricks it man that’s this place Mark remarkable mess puts it in the Supercenter and in Google. This is what this does is it puts on 19 year old then the addict2.0 percent. So Senora Laporte I don’t like Trump get in here. He says he has to spend either ensue got there that 10 year documents that you pick as soon as they said those qualities. But I’ll confess it. Alternatively you could elaborate 1080 Guinness would normally deals with normal everyday do you hear I mean I wanted to do two time in the window in a document to our kids and look it to where this was a persona that I thought none of those I would inspire in Sema. They look at those guilty naked I said you see McCain was the president Toyota and you ordered that eight or ten yen gather quarter paid leave your auto gotta go. Yes the little part of that of local mentors 5 cents was kept so low I thought a lawyer. I don’t know. Like I said yay low presenter naming Russia. Don’t set out to alienate Congo’s interests. Look at this distinct us no money under what you’re not in a. Yes or no for money how did we not see that. E seen this sincerely since it was Benita Yoda Prescott goes DTM toss them in detail policy.

No it’s all you can call me me it’s awesome if complete Pocock suck it out.

They only intake is a look. So maintaining your timing of the Commonwealth perceived that put give it became entitled normally the theme took place before the end of that said it couldn’t see anything put a would put a purple ominous that nobody can have is a bit of course or one that they are written some of the waves and tumble away is the one of the relay saying how much young does it solo in that it was Young can not they are and I mean no Sophie Challis look policy as all team I mean to knock out against local mentor’s continual one of the top tier Honeywell at this young age they wanted to model away as private citizens or in the attic to see the man I like this unit think Quintanilla go either way.

Yet the Evan I gotta say they’ll conduct all the NSC twice on the present and I mean that’s you know Sally is seen a lot of contamination don’t say only you and trans he taught me that she added. I’ve seen it yet another conductor intended to know Lowry and added Talos who Senora immediate I defend say so and I’m a hot diplomacy K low fee style. No they video vid you know cheeky either lack of data cannot any of that at your part I said it’s so better I’ll find it here a moment to keep yes Sabine k l mean your book with the fee scene what I saw in it. Yes. Yes think of imitating OK. Does it. Marketing they think on death row there’s no money that illegal you can look on down and it’s a monitor when not put in prison and Dad is up really in control to you and so we show it’s a no look at them was Orlando. Come on come on. If he’s telling me that you want a moment look inside take it as a kissing but me so OK hold it up I don’t know whenever an appropriate but at the point implemented that a second ago they will to win any meat as your own they need to know support it better and Punto is not minted I won office I’ll get them as I said What about a sushi lends your mucho Matthau No they see nada. No contact or two but I want to see me I presenting Punto mended. No I mean I get sued obviously it obviously a bit of. But a simpler does it compare me so see two pieces. See you look chicken it will get them again though the autumn indeed. Si si maintenance. This is love that when I got a meeting. Not any more than that I may hold no contact that see me I will either present. No contact or needle but I want to meet at the animals will not that I hate taxi I might take it. DANIEL HOARE get animals to the their choice in Costa get the pattern beaten. Yeah my love is seen that simply lots people are interested motorists or city or community can put a bullet put on the backburner I didn’t make allow he did that I wanted to hit a Latina continue or whatever but they seeing me now. Yeah. Me me me I go out and knock on the door but I won’t. I mean I see another manana you know that we are going to tell that everyone to recoup it but I can see the contact that Beryl boon to us that but I did lie investigates you on the plane say but it went Dad cause us e so low in contorted infinity calico cycle kill off his upset over low that was sad in contrast did not die but you have to remember that when our former you get where they are and what was preventing you from noticing that thing in the new video.

Now you learn from them their where you might remember while you might not want to know this little boy for years. I think that feeling a bit different. I know this is terrorism became more formal conservative professor back. Quite a good person like you said but he doesn’t get into this event and it went out for my boy. Thank you for being here.

Yeah my lovely Xena our lack of trust is just simply going to offer no guarantees.

Garcia nearly impossible but to put the wind up allowed us to do so near the bottom yet where no one could look at that ring that I was going to find it.

You never know what you are trying to come down airport where your money your opinion. I mean there’s been a lack of preparing for me to think I think you have appointed so you can when I could get that can I would just settle through instead of replay or children play or to set a precedent here. This is deliberately concealing didn’t make it. Yeah I mean look at what our members are silent about but it doesn’t about 1000 percent in any given moment took it from me. He knew that too.

See ya. Thank you Amanda Lohrey seen about a decade that whole time united almost had him for much of the two slaps your knees see you know so they had to subdue on this is good at this scene Quincy Guantanamo’s Camino contractor. So yeah we’re good at this. Peter Lane for my own seat. There’s a pool ominous but that they need a minute. I put the filter in a minute and meaning the anus. Dennis conductor Connie meet us online not a tiny camcorder that guy said sort of the reasons that hit. I mean I’m not gonna let another see me put it one date that I think it stall. E dummy NC. See you did well Daniels will come in at the same for. Dennis one chance it naughtiness when Jonesy said we’ll need to continue down with Cee Lo when I love my job.

Whether it’s a sympathetic character or if going to be right now is the time for them to turn it over. For example if you know your name. And you think you’re better you’re on Manhattan where you see eye to eye.

When it comes to. Look at them see things that are hard for you to put California yet you know the ok with don’t buy that.

But aid but own right. Indiana all below me not come to town I will gather but I will need God to sail like a lot more to sell a court date is mucho Mercado lobotomy or I’m gonna go oh yeah.

Not selling my concept new middle single guy did it denim or Kiki denim I’ll get them not bald ominous quantities seem cohesive look proximal today there’s a new metal scene quiz meter see la policia delinquent as a year ago I took assets yoga I do I do know I did throwback. See the pattern in black guy you know caught us No I got out booking Alfie near the Alamo hope to duplicate it might not be though the AC or if you see I’ll put a TV and radio in Canada. No no political they might not be the case here Motorola. Dead dead dead dead I mean continued yay it’s all to us it yes so soon they lethal equipment say they need to. Oh yeah yeah but keep us at the pad on the 80s think it to India. But she’d opinion you not sleeping after all no. How does the little man. Mohamed. Tick tick tick tick tick tick. I would happily Yeti guess it will build proximal does it kick you look at Barça. It’s all lethal. Yes. And so you no notice when you flexi on the less you that. Yeah I like or disappeared. Yellow called the superior give parser the Yemen direct them in there. Like I said I still couldn’t eat the ice although you do it but I put it we need to eat. I got it did not mean put this here but let me know. In Trundle I do know solace seeing you meet us your 1933 aluminum give us you know minigun but isn’t illegal. No no no one in TV talk but you get a better CIA Al Gore’s human enough at a psychology.

Say it’s you use it on interpersonal Oh you to know music I mean I don’t believe anything Yeah you put it in perspective I love you. Where. Did you end up with whether hey I did it did I. Good luck with the. I said so the. Night before I get up. They must be getting go. No no no look get it. No it doesn’t bother me. Where did it go.

Okay. Don’t say what. Minted seeing call it out no coordinated CCR can in offices. I don’t count it. No. Second not new Middle East. It’s in me more. They’re not being ya know grip on dead Bill young doe FEC con DC. They are written kept with a serious or whether they can put it lightly. Good luck offers to move in with a minor let Pegasus I’ll gain or even put herself in Seattle. No that’s I got nothing but good luck out of those get the ones that are so stupid. I guess he will put political ACORN offices I’ll get that that under their feet in the air similar to tell how does it end in momentum. I’m important look at to me that they will look at them enough to tell me I’m not the one on the scene when of course not. If I know that or press it out why did not let them win at the thought of me and I’ll finish here. I had good low self-esteem so I will not policy I guess on when I can feel good looking. Go. Come on quickly get closer. Well Kate cut it I Good was cathartic a loose unsupported your trust could not be Alfie near the as he did in LA minus where they then contact the Queen Mother so brutal spelunking locality legal some money to get there when a psycho. Luckily I think at the right moment I thought grip on dead physique I mean they know that US not they are you that could get me that I’ll feed into a horse oil free skull but it is in meta at the office here it seems to be the ultimate I’m in denial Okay but get 9 we’ll get some chocolate fully CNN item and get ready to admit it seems to throw a whole pedo Yossi a newly minted Hindu came amid the metal. Call me premade or when does he want to tell this universal credit that when the good part of the two candidates is the S C Navy they’ll soon like come and ask why algal mass came up with their product immuno got say well look you got I will look at the coach and with the program and veto veils cuando I you see a second like it I’ll give you an answer to this the L died in a limit until Moreno Lopez you know is deaf in the end to allow victims are dying elsewhere low doc or the Albaugh policy has seen at times like I’m not I it within a decade Oh no I see order can veto videos it will see me later. Okay. Come on. No they all get by saying that the situation in the past. Mutual policy SUV you your local local school when I had to in order that’s human it’s a monitor below solar thermal or no those high heat the second act later e in C mother is or did uncountable said he was yay the totally too cool but it turned out that if an identity did the little labor dad showed in control of policy has e defended then they meet us here on lost this army multi-annual it under that then you get when you stupidv. FEC if you know you must have done it then either say message or an annual and I’m a warrant and a majority of their port done until I get to pretend not to gas or are there ninety. So somebody in the little buggers you look at them the tunnel they are settled do I mean it. No wonder they had solid bogey to get back to settle down Klieman Klieman said You mean not not apathetic Lily political article on policy. Oh you meant that it will be legal a lack of money that those who with the means you’re not there by the para ser legal. I thought it needlessly no qualifications but are you looking to win Castle paragraph the media interest Quatro seen commences yet to deport them need get to the end in order to put a shot at him the whole idea bullet points failure to delete all you see goodness I put this. I got out a rare breed ill ill ordered and the report does he on put on me I got all the FEC which at the end point a constant dollar poor Nope inside in in momento I said you know I’ll go get in the moment in Kentucky passer Internet knock on door Open Instagram mind you read the data sweetest on the institute as soon as he began to be until tomorrow put it in a more mental illness play the controller Norman Mineta wanted to model yet no no tax you’re not been seeing policy until then good night from New York senator Norm Coleman that article that are unclear exactly what a veterinary medicine for different.

I mean where your magic your mind’s eye set up a little present tense but little person Tamils Durante but its legal memos that fit that rule. But it didn’t open up but I’m not allowed I did I’ll see look at it now. BROOKS You must be minimal but at did dimwit took a good look. Yes they did did it with an interest in it doing for my son.

You can at least know where I’m working my methods for not giving you your money complete with Trump or Trump they don’t get a set of figures and delivered I need to go and you can see out there.

They don’t look anything like that is I don’t know you. Listen. No no man I don’t win I’ve got put a bullet back you know when supplementals meet I see you tear so I took it down which I need the program my seven year old again Guinness he didn’t inform us your competitor look at d not a particle B W now the kid that else also see look at it I thought up proxy my this selfless gathering here you want me to say I confess that I was thirty I got all this amazing opportunity I made everything very loving when you get to glory level guys all I also play a little bit of a filthy play or two or three play it with two or three.

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