Rachel Papalexiou

Public Relationship Specialist

Rachel was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her father was the first to come to America looking for a better opportunity for his family. Her family’s immigration journey was a challenge, trying to attain legal status; her parents received their green cards after struggling for so many years.

Rachel has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Masters In Business Administration, which she received in 2013. She is also certified in paralegal work.

She has the distinction of being the first employee hired at Andres Mejer Law. She has helped the company grow from a tiny front office with a desk, to the entire second floor with a full staff.

As Andres Mejer Law firm has grown, so has Rachel. She has married, gotten a dog, the lovable Bassett/Shar-pei, Amaretto, and is expecting her first child since she started working at the firm. She enjoys her work because every day she has the opportunity to work with our clients in helping them achieve their dreams of attaining legal status, just like her family did years ago.

Rachel is married to her high school sweetheart, Javier, who immigrated to the United States from Ecuador. When Rachel is not working diligently to help our clients, she and her family enjoy going out to restaurants to experience different types of food.