Brick immigration lawyerWithout a Brick immigration lawyer by your side, facing the U.S. immigration system can be intimidating and stressful. Immigration law is constantly changing. At Andres Mejer Law, we help our clients understand their legal rights and guide them through the immigration system.

Immigration Practice Areas

We handle a wide variety of immigration matters. If you have other immigration issues, contact our Brick immigration lawyer for a consultation.


The U.S. grants asylum to people who suffer or legitimately fear persecution based on:

  • Nationality,
  • Race,
  • Political opinion or views,
  • Religion, or
  • Social group membership.

If the government approves your asylum status, you may stay in the United States indefinitely. Then, after a year, you can apply for permanent residency. If you or your family are trying to file for asylum, our experienced immigration lawyers can help.

Citizenship (Naturalization)

Naturalization is both a difficult and time-intensive process. However, the ultimate goal of most immigrants is to attain U.S. citizenship. You can apply for citizenship 5 years after obtaining green card status. If you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen, or a U.S. army veteran, you may not have to wait as long. The application process often involves a significant amount of paperwork, as well as an interview and testing. If you have questions about how to attain naturalization, a Brick immigration lawyer can give you more information about how to determine whether you are eligible.

Deportation Defense

Under immigration law, the United States can deport immigrants if they:

  • violate the terms of their visas,
  • do not maintain legal status,
  • or commit certain crimes.

Our law firm has extensive experience in handling both criminal defense and immigration matters. If you are facing deportation, contact an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

Employment-Based Visa Applications

Many immigrants enter the U.S. with employment-based visas, including:

  • Extraordinary ability visas,
  • E-3 visas for other immigrant workers,
  • Immigrant investors,
  • Priority worker visas, and
  • Temporary work visas (such as H1-A and H1-B visas).

At Andres Mejer Law, we help both individuals and companies properly file labor certifications, Immigrant Petitions for Foreign Workers (Form I-140), and visa applications.

The U.S. limits the annual number of employment-based visas it accepts. Therefore, it’s vital that you file your paperwork correctly. A Brick immigration lawyer can help you throughout the visa application process, as well as ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Citizenship and Immigration Service’s requirements.

Visas for Family Members

The government issues most immigrant visas due to employment or a family connection to the United States. U.S. citizens can sponsor the following:

  • Spouses and fiancés,
  • Adopted children,
  • Adult children (including their spouses and minor children),
  • Parents, and
  • Siblings (including their spouses and minor children).

Unfortunately, however, you cannot sponsor extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or in-laws. Green card holders may also sponsor a limited range of family members.

Since 2013, the federal government has recognized same-sex marriages as valid under the law. Nevertheless, same-sex couples frequently still face challenges during the visa application process. Contact a Brick immigration lawyer for help with your same-sex spouse or fiancé’s immigration claim.

Diversity Visas

If you do not have a job or family within the United States, you may be able to receive an immigrant visa through the “diversity visa lottery.” The Diversity Immigration Visa Program provides a limited number of visas to citizens of certain countries. In order to receive this, you must first apply for the diversity visa lottery during its annual registration period.

If the program selects your lottery application, you can apply for a visa. However, your lottery selection does not guarantee that you will receive an immigration visa. In fact, you still have to go through another application process and meet the government’s criteria for eligibility. A Brick immigration lawyer can advise throughout the process and inform you as to your chances of success.

Legal Permanent Residency (Green Cards)

For many immigrants, the first step towards U.S. citizenship is legal permanent residency which is also known as green card. Green card holders can live and work in the U.S. as long as they maintain a valid green card.  However, the green card application and renewal process can be complicated. A Brick immigration lawyer can ensure your forms are properly filed, which can increase your chances of receiving legal permanent residency.

Non-Immigrant Visas

For people who come to the U.S. for other reasons, we can help you apply for and obtain non-immigrant visas in order to avoid being denied entry. This is for individuals coming to the States for:

  • Recreation
  • Business
  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Other temporary purposes

Affordable Legal Services and Honest Advice

Immigration is becoming an increasingly politicized and complicated matter. Our immigration lawyers closely monitor the rapidly changing immigration laws and policies. We provide our clients with honest and affordable services. Our goal is to help our clients to make better decisions and receive the best possible results.

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