Bradley Beach immigration lawyerFor many people, the U.S. immigration process can be overwhelming — especially without an Asbury Park immigration lawyer. American immigration law is complex and constantly changing. At Andres Mejer Law, our goal is to educate our clients about their legal rights and help them successfully navigate the immigration system.

Immigration Practice Areas

Andres Mejer Law handles a wide variety of immigration matters. If you have other immigration issues, contact our Asbury Park immigration lawyer for a personalized consultation.


The United States grants asylum to individuals who suffer or legitimately fear persecution based on:

  • Nationality,
  • Political opinion or views,
  • Race,
  • Religion, or
  • Social group membership.

If your asylum status is approved, you may stay in the United States indefinitely — and can apply for permanent residency after a year. Our immigration lawyers can help both you and your family file for asylum.

Citizenship (Naturalization)

While naturalization is a time intensive (and sometimes difficult) process, U.S. citizenship is the ultimate goal of many immigrants. You may apply for citizenship five years after receiving legal permanent residency (green card) status. (You may have a shorter wait if you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen or a veteran of the U.S. armed forces.) The citizenship application process involves an interview, testing, and significant paperwork. If you have questions about naturalization, contact an Asbury Park immigration lawyer for more information about the process and eligibility requirements.

Deportation Defense

Under immigration law, the United States can deport immigrants if they do not maintain legal status, violate the terms of their visas, or commit certain crimes. Our immigration lawyers use our law firm’s experience in both criminal defense and immigration matters to our client’s benefit. If you are facing deportation, you should immediately contact an experienced immigration lawyer.

Employment-Based Visa Applications

Many immigrants enter the United States with employment-based visas. These visas include:

  • Extraordinary ability visas,
  • E-3 visas for other immigrant workers,
  • Immigrant investors,
  • Priority worker visas, and
  • Temporary work visas (such as H1-A and H1-B visas).

We help companies and individuals properly file labor certifications, Immigrant Petitions for Foreign Workers (Form I-140), and visa applications.

Since the United States limits its annual number of employment-based visas, it’s important that your paperwork is filed correctly. An Asbury Park immigration lawyer can help you understand the visa application process and ensure compliance with both the U.S. Department of Labor and the Citizenship and Immigration Service’s requirements.

Visas for Family Members

Most immigrant visas are issued due to employment or a family connection to the United States. U.S. citizens can sponsor their:

  • Spouses and fiancés,
  • Adopted children,
  • Adult children (including their spouses and minor children),
  • Parents, and
  • Siblings (including their spouses and minor children).

Unfortunately, you cannot sponsor grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or in-laws. Green card holders may also sponsor a limited range of family members.

Since 2013, the United States federal government has recognized the validity of same-sex marriages. However, same-sex couples frequently face challenges during the visa application process. Contact an Asbury Park immigration lawyer for more information and assistance with your same-sex spouse or fiancé’s immigration claim.

Diversity Visas

If you do not have a job or family within the U.S., you may receive an immigrant visa through the “diversity visa lottery.” The Diversity Immigration Visa Program provides a limited number of visas to citizens of certain countries. First, you must apply for the diversity visa lottery during its annual registration period.

If your lottery application is selected, you can apply for a visa. However, your lottery selection does not guarantee that you will receive an immigration visa — you still must complete another application process and meet the U.S. government’s eligibility criteria. Our Asbury Park immigration lawyer can help you understand the process and your likelihood of success.

Legal Permanent Residency (Green Cards)

For many immigrants, the first step towards U.S. citizenship is legal permanent residency (commonly called a green card). Legal permanent residents can live and work in the United States as long as they maintain a valid green card.  However, the green card application and renewal process can be confusing. An Asbury Park immigration lawyer can ensure that you properly file your forms, increasing your chances of receiving legal permanent residency.

Non-Immigrant Visas

Some people come to the United States for recreational or business travel, medical treatment, education, and other temporary purposes. Without the appropriate visa, the United States may deny your entry into the country. We help visitors apply for and receive non-immigrant visas.

Cost Effective Legal Services and Honest Advice

Immigration is an increasingly politicized and complicated matter. Our immigration lawyers closely monitor the United States’ rapidly changing immigration laws and policies. We provide our clients with honest and cost effective services. We believe that educating our clients about their options and their likelihood of success allows them to make better decisions and receive the best possible results.

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