Looking for an experienced Long Branch and Lakewood Divorce attorney?

Let us help You Achieve the Best Solution in a Tough Situation

There are few events in your life that are more traumatic and stressful than a divorce. Recognizing that your marriage has come to an end and moving towards a divorce are difficult steps to take. At Andres Mejer Law, we can help you work through the financial considerations to alleviate some of your stress. We understand that you are coping with a wide range of complex emotional and legal considerations, you need an attorney that that you can trust to balance your concerns with the rigorous demands of the legal system. We are focused on helping you obtain a successful divorce, which includes addressing all of your concerns, such as:

  • Your children – child support and parenting arrangements that will place your view of your child’s welfare at the highest level of importance.
  • Your Finances – support and property settlements provide you with your share of marital assets.
  • Your future –to ensure that you will be equipped to start your new life