We Fight The Insurance Companies For You

At Andres Mejer & Associates we represent clients in a wide range of matters involving insurance coverage and liability issues. Having successfully represented policyholders as well as having defended insurance companies; we work with you to level the playing field. Insurance companies retain high-end litigators to protect their interests; so it is crucial that you choose a law firm with the experience to protect you. How well we know; we were those attorneys. We are ideally suited to represent you in any of your insurance needs. We will:

  • thoroughly analyze your insurance policies;
  • assemble key documents to prove your claims;
  • craft arguments to dispute coverage denials and improper reservation of rights;
  • file motions regarding the interpretation of key policy provisions; and
  • litigate coverage through trial as necessary.

We have successfully handled both first party and third party claims.

  • First party claims involve a suit directly against an insurance company for refusing to pay benefits.
  • Third party claims arise when an insurance company fails to defend a suit brought against its insured or fails to pay a claim on behalf of its insured, asserted against the insured policyholder.

Additionally we are prepared to:

  • handle cases involving commercial liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions, life, disability, fire and other related insurance coverage;
  • monitor the defense of personal injury actions where an insured requires the assistance of counsel to coordinate the defense of their claim with counsel provided by an insurance company under its ordinary defense obligation;
  • provide assistance determining the appropriate types and levels of coverage to maintain in order to properly insure against commonly encountered risks;
  • represent construction claims (both builders and property owners), environmental coverage, real estate (and real estate professionals), complex litigation and mass torts; and
  • analyze and interpret insurance policies.

Insurance policies are often difficult to understand even for sophisticated and experienced business people. We bring value by ensuring that you thoroughly understand the coverage you are entitled to and for which you have paid. We take pride in achieving the most favorable terms for you. We know when and how to exert litigation pressure in order to reach settlement and attain the maximum coverage.